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Release Notes 3.10 09/14/2017

Batch Actions

With batch actions, viewing and approving digital timecards and purchase orders is even faster.  Approvers now have the ability to select multiple timecards/POs to view or approve rather than clicking into each individual timecard/PO one at a time.  Batch actions can be utilized from the Timecards grid, Purchase Orders grid and the Batches grid.

To use batch actions, go to the Timecards or Purchase Orders grid or click the arrow to the left of a batch on the Batches grid to view the timecards in that batch, then check the boxes in the Select column to the left of each timecard/PO you would like to view or approve.  After selecting the timecards/POs, click VIEW or APPROVE from the Batch Actions drop down menu.  If you click VIEW, a new tab will open in your browser with those selected timecards/POs and you can page through them.  If you click APPROVE, those timecards/POs that were awaiting your approval will now be marked as approved and move on to the next approver in the approval flow.

Weekly Email Reminder

Employees won't be forgetting to submit their timecards with the weekly email reminder.  Every Friday, an email notification will be automatically sent out to the employees on the project reminding them to submit their timecard for that week.

In order to receive the email notification, the employee must have submitted a timecard for that project in the past 10 days to avoid the reminder being sent to employees who are no longer active on the project.  The employee must also have the "You will receive an email to remind you to submit a timecard" notification selected in their Email Settings.  To do so, click the MY ACCOUNT icon in the upper right then click EMAIL SETTINGS.  Make sure the box is checked for the reminder then click SAVE.

Payroll Preview in Alphabetical Order by Employee

When your payroll preview is ready, there are two options available for the sort order of the timesheets.  By default, the preview will be sorted alphabetically by union, however, the timesheets can also be listed alphabetically by employee name.

If you would like to view the payroll preview in alphabetical order by employee name, contact your paymaster or support at help@gslate.com and we'll be happy to update the project setting for you! 

Eco Tracker

While a huge benefit to utilizing our digital solutions is a more efficient workflow throughout production, it's also important to acknowledge the good you are doing for the environment.  At GreenSlate, we believe that what's good for the environment is also good for businesses and the people who run them.  A smaller footprint is a bigger success and with Eco Tracker, you're able to measure the ecological footprint of your production form by form from your dashboard.

Anyone invited to the application has access to view the Eco Tracker.  By clicking LEARN MORE on the Eco Tracker on your dashboard, you can see the breakdown of paper, carbon, trees and water that is saved with each form submitted digitally.  The tracker shows the number of sheets of paper saved and the equivalent number of trees that are still standing, as well as the gallons of water saved and the pounds of carbon that can be kept from the atmosphere.  

"Did you know...?": Creating a Crew List

It's quick and easy to create and export a crew list from the Employees grid in digital timecards.  Using the custom grid views feature, you can toggle on and off the columns you would like to see and arrange them in the order of your choosing, then export to PDF or excel for use throughout production.  

To create the crew list, go to the Manage Employees grid then click the CUSTOM GRID SETTINGS icon in the upper right.  In the Toggle Columns field, select the Name->Last, Name->First, Name, Primary Position, Primary Department, Email and Phone #.  You can drag the column headers to arrange in the order you like then click the ADD CURRENT VIEW icon in the upper right to save that grid view.  Name the view "Crew List" then click CONFIRM.  From the View drop down menu, click ADD next to Crew List to open that grid view. To export the crew list, click EXPORT in the upper right then choose PDF or Excel.  

PDF Crew List

Excel Crew List