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Release Notes 3.2 06/12/2017

Digital Start Work

Adding new employees to your project's payroll is now even easier with our digital start work solution.  Employees are able to quickly submit their I-9's, W4's, deal memos and state labor law forms from their desktop or mobile device, all forms becoming immediately available for approval by the employer.  When the employee works on another project with GreenSlate, their personal information is saved, allowing for faster completion of future start work.

A GreenSlate support team member will setup the approval flow for each start work form in your project based on your current approval process.  Next, employees simply need to be invited as a Digital Start Work Employee via the Invite Employee button on the Employees grid.  Once they receive their email invite and create their password, they will complete their Personal Info (which will be saved on their global profile and auto-fill their current and future I-9's),  then move on to the other start work forms by clicking PROJECT START WORK then ADD for each form.  When a form is completed, the approver will review and either approve or reject back to the employee to make necessary changes.  After all start work is approved, the employee will be notified via email that they can now create their timecards. 





Deal Memo


State Labor Law Form

Digital Purchase Orders

Production no longer needs to order paper PO's with the release of the digital purchase orders feature.  From their desktop or a mobile device, crew members can submit their purchase orders for approval.  Once a purchase order is approved, production accountants can commit the purchase order, making it available for use when creating an invoice in the accounting software.

After establishing the approval flow for purchase orders in the payroll management system, new or existing crew members can be given the role of PO Creator by the PO Accountant, allowing them access to enter their purchase orders.  The crew member can create a new purchase order by clicking PURCHASE ORDERS on the left then selecting CREATE PURCHASE ORDER.  Once they've completed any required fields, they'll click SUBMIT and the next approver will be able to approve or reject the purchase order.  The PO Accountant has the ability to make any necessary changes to the purchase order after it's completed the approval process then commit the purchase order from the Actions drop down menu on the Purchase Orders grid.


Prepaid Cards

With the new integration of GreenSlate and PEX cards, ordering and managing prepaid cards can be completed directly from the payroll management system.  After establishing an account with PEX, a GreenSlate support team member will create the business in your project, giving anyone with Prepaid Card Admin access the ability to order, activate, block and terminate cards.  Any transactions the cards are used for can then be imported into the project in the accounting software.

To order cards, click PREPAID CARDS then click MANAGE.  Next, click ORDER PREPAID CARDS.  Click CREATE NEW CARD and enter the nickname, name on the card and choose the assignee from the drop down menu.  Add as many cards to the order as needed then click ORDER.  The prepaid card will now be listed on the Prepaid Cards grid where cards can be activated, blocked and terminated from the actions drop down menu for each card.