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Release Notes 3.0 05/09/2017

Paging Through Timecards

Viewing, approving and rejecting timecards is now even easier with our new paging through timecards feature.  Whether you access a timecard from the Batches, Notifications or Timecard grid, you will have the option to arrow to the previous or next timecard in that grid.  

To utilize this feature, click on the number of a timecard you would like to view, then click the PREVIOUS or NEXT options in the footer.  If an action is taken on a timecard, such as approving or rejecting, you will be automatically paged to the next timecard in view.

Deactivating a Position

We now offer the option to deactivate positions that an employee will no longer be creating timecards for. Whether it is a past position or the employee's title has changed, we can deactivate these positions so they do not appear in the Primary Position drop down menu when the employee is creating a timecard, eliminating the possibility of the employee submitting a timecard for the incorrect position.  

If you would like a position(s) for a specific employee deactivated, please contact application support or your paymaster.


Splitting Timecards to Other Projects

With our splitting timecards feature, you can move specific days or entire timecards from one project to another.  In the event that a timecard is created under one project, but the payroll needs to be processed under another, you can move the timecard once it is completely approved.  To move a timecard, go to the Timecards grid and click on the number of the timecard you would like to move.  In the Grossing grid, choose the new project from the Projects drop down menu for the day(s) you would like to move, then click MOVE in the footer..  A window will open with the message that you are creating a new timecard in the project you are moving to; click CONFIRM to move.

In order to have the option to move the timecard, the employee must exist in both projects, the same position/rate must exist in both projects, and the projects must have the same work location.  If you would like to utilize the timecard splitting feature, please contact application support.