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Release Notes 2.8 2/28/2017

Custom Grid Views and Reports

With our new custom grid views feature, you have the ability to create a grid view that contains the information of your choosing and to save this view for future use.  This feature allows you to create a custom report of the data contained in that grid.  This view can be exported to Excel and PDF.  Other approvers in your project will also have access to the customized view you create.

To create a custom view on either the Employees, Timecards or Batches page, click the gear icon on the right of the grid, then toggle on/off any columns, drag the columns to rearrange the order and drag a column header to create groups by that column if you choose.  Once the grid is in the desired setup, click the + on the upper right to save that view. Enter a name and description and select a color then click CONFIRM.  Once you've saved a view, it will appear as an option in the View drop down menu.

Excel Export

PDF Export