Release Notes 8.0 2/28/2017

Accounts Receivable 

With GreenSlate, you can now create invoices and receive payments with our accounts receivable feature.  From the Customers drop down menu, you have the options to add new customers, create invoices, receive payments and create credit memos.  To add an invoice, select ENTER INVOICE from the Company drop down menu and complete all required fields, then save.  From the Entry window there is the option to print an invoice as well.  To receive payment for an invoice, select RECEIVE PAYMENTS from the Customers drop down menu, then choose the account to deposit to, enter the deposit amount, select the customer and then select the invoice.  In order to use Receive Payments and Credit Memos, a default payment and credit memo account has to be added.  Please contact support with any questions in regards to the initial setup and use of this feature.

There are four new Accounts Receivable reports: AR Aging-Summary, AR Aging-Detail, Outstanding Invoice Report and Payment Received Listing by Transaction.  To view these reports, click on the REPORTS icon then select Accounts Receivable Reports on the left.  Choose the specific report and click RUN.   

Enter Invoice Window

Receive Payments Window

Accounts Receivable Reports