1099s: Printing and Cross-Project Reports

Printing AP Vendor 1099s

With GreenSlate, you now have the option to generate and print your 1099s.  After generating the 1099 CSV file from Indieware, you'll upload it into the Indiepay web application which will quickly create a zip file with the 1099s ready to print.  All you need are the blank 1099 forms ready to go in your printer.  If you would like to use this feature, please contact support for further details.

1099 Cross-Project Reports

In addition to our existing cross-project reports, there are 3 new 1099 reports.  If you have multiple projects under the same company, you can generate these reports by selecting Company Reports from the Multi-Project drop down menu then selecting 1099 Reports from the Report Categories.  Once you select the specific report, click RUN.