Release Notes 7.9 12/19/16

GreenSlate has exciting new features in 7.9!

Card Payment Module

Entering card payment transactions is now even easier in GreenSlate Accounting with the new card payment functionality.  After you've added a vendor card payment to the Chart of Accounts, enter the account code in the Card Payment Account section on the vendor profile, then click ENTER CARD PAYMENT from the Card Payment drop down menu.  Similar to the PC entry window, simply fill out all required fields and save.  From the Card Payment drop down menu, you also have the ability to browse card payments, browse all unposted card payments, and run the card payment reports.

New Vendor Fields

We've added three new fields to the vendor profile.  For each vendor, you can assign a default work state, a default tax credit code, and a card payment account.  The addition of the card payment account enables projects to have one vendor for PC and CP.  These fields can be entered on an existing vendor profile by selecting Browse Vendors from the Vendors drop down menu, highlighting the vendor and clicking DETAIL, or they can be added on a new vendor from the Add New Vendor window.

Standardized Chart of Accounts

GreenSlate can now set up your projects for you even faster! With the standardized Chart of Accounts feature, we'll be able to set up a project based on the Chart of Accounts that already exists in a current project if both projects are created under the same company.  If a new account is added to one project, it will automatically translate over to the other projects within that company as well.  If you would like to utilize the synchronized chart of accounts, please contact support and we'd be happy to assist you.


Trial Balance with Subtotal for each Header Account

In addition to the Trial Balance reports that were already available, we have added a new Trial Balance report that provides a subtotal for each header account.  To generate this report, click the REPORTS icon then select Trial Balance Reports.  Highlight the Trial Balance with Company Expenses with Subtotals for Header Accounts then click RUN.

Percentage Remaining Cost Reports

On our two new Cost reports, we've added a percentage remaining column.  One report includes an Approved Overages column while the other does not.  To access the reports, click the REPORTS icon then select Detail Cost Reports.  Highlight either the CR with Approved Overage & % Remaining report or the CR with % Remaining & No Approved Overage report and click RUN.

Cross-Project Corporate Reports

We've added four new corporate reports to our cross-project trial balance reporting options.  These corporate reports include new Cost of Goods Sold and Company Expense account types.  The reports include a Corporate Balance Sheet, Corporate Summary Trial Balance, Corporate Detail Trial Balance, and Corporate Profit & Loss. Each report gives you the ability to filter by Location(s), Episode(s), and Projects.  To access these reports, select Company Reports from the Multi-Project drop down menu then click Trial Balance Reports in the Report Categories.  Select a report and click RUN and you will see the filter options.  If you would like to run these reports, please contact support and we will provide you access to the cross-project feature.

Corporate Profit & Loss

Corporate Balance Sheet

Corporate Summary Trial Balance