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Release Notes 2.2 11/28/2016

Limitation on Timecard Creation Date

Your employees will no longer be able to create timecards for any date more than 1 month into the future.  When they create their timecards, they will only have the option to choose from past week ending dates or any date up to 4 weeks out from the current date.

Ability to Add Notes at Any Time in the Approval Flow

Notes can now be added in the Hours section while viewing the timecard in the Grossing section.  Keep in mind that the notes submitted in the Hours section can be seen by anyone in the approval flow, including the employee.

Ability to Change Authentication Email Address

If employees wish to use an email address other than the one used to invite them to the application, they can log in from the initial invite, then click their name in the upper right and select Change Email from the drop down menu.  Once they enter the email address and click SAVE, they will be sent an activation link to the new email address.