Accounting Roles and Permissions

GreenSlate Accounting has various security levels available for your projects to ensure that everyone on your team has the appropriate level of access.

There are 5 main levels of access (roles):

  1. Key Accountant: Grants the user access to all software functionality except for the PR module. (There is a separate option that GreenSlate Support will enable to allow the ability to import payroll)
  2. Assistant Accountant: This provides the same access as the Key Accountant; however, the user is unable to access the Cost Report module or Import Payroll module.
  3. Auditor: **View/Reporting Access Only**  The user will be unable to edit/enter any information or transactions in the project. 
  4. Document Management Only: User is only able to upload/delete/view documents.
  5. Enter and Edit POs Only: User is only able to enter/edit POs.

Additional Permissions:

  • Payroll Edit: Ability to edit payroll once it has been imported into the system.
  • Current Period Edit: Ability to edit current period transactions.
  • Cross Projects: Ability to use the multi-project feature when there are multiple projects under one company.
Per Project Permissions by Function              
Role Key Acct Asst Acct Auditor LP AR Asst Doc Mgmnt PO User
Project Selection X X X X X X X
Vendor Add/Browse X X          
Vendor Ledger X X X X      
Enter AP X X          
Pay Bill X Their Own          
Void Checks/AP X X          
Enter PO X X         X
Use/Relieve PO X X          
Edit/Close PO X X         X
Browse PO/PO Reports X X X X     X
Customer Add/Browse X X     X    
Customer Ledger X X   X X    
Enter AR/CM X X     X    
Receive Payment X X     X    
Void AR/CM/Payment X X     X    
Petty Cash Vendor Add/Browse X X          
Petty Cash Ledger X X X X      
Enter PC X X          
Void PC X X          
Card Payment Vendor Add/Browse X X          
Card Payment Ledger X X X X      
Enter Card Payment X X          
Void Card Payment X X          
Budget Uploading X            
Budget Changes - Pre Lock X            
ETC/EFC Changes X            
Batch data X Their Own X X Their own    
Browse JE X            
Enter JE X            
Void JE X X          
Browse General Ledger X X X X      
Bank Reconciliations X X          
Undo Bank Reconciliations X            
Employee Add/Browse X            
Employee Ledger X X X X      
Import Payroll X            
Payroll Ledger X X X X      
Company View/Edit X            
Chart of Accounts Browse X X X X      
Add/Edit Chart of Accounts X            
Close Period X            
Close Year End X            
Code Add/Browse/Edit X X          
Doc Mgmnt Add/Delete X X   X   X  
Doc Mgmnt Browse X X X X   X  
Export data full access X X X X      
Single Project Reports full access X X X X      
Per Project Flags 
- Only has access if flag is checked
Across project Browse/Report
Flag Flag   Flag      
Add/Edit Synchronized Chart of Account
Flag Flag          
Payroll Current Period Edit
Flag Flag          
Per User Special Permission Flags               
Edit Vendor
Edit Company Vendor
Edit Customer
Edit Company Customer
Current Period GL Edit
All Periods GL Edit
Back/Future Dating of Checks