Release Notes 7.7.4 07/25/2016

Exciting news!! GreenSlate Accounting has awesome new features that have been added to 7.7.4!

Alphabetic Characters in Account Codes & Check Numbers

We have now expanded the account code and check numbering capability to include the use of alphabetic characters.  Once it is enabled on your project, you will be able to create accounts and pay bills with checks that include both numeric and alphabetic sequences.  Please contact support if you would like this feature enabled on your project!

Change or Merge Set Codes

Our account code changing feature has now expanded to include set codes.  To merge and/or change a set code, select Change Account Numbers from the Company drop down menu then select Change Set Code.  Enter the account and set code you would like to change from and then enter the account and set code you would like to change it to and click Proceed. 

Lock Location/Episode Codes

When you are no longer going to be using a location/episode in your project, you will now have the option to lock that location/episodes's budget and disallow any further changes to that specific budget.  To lock a location/episode's budget, select Location Codes from the Company drop down and click on the location/episode you would like to lock.  In the next window, click Edit then check the Inactive box and Save.  You can make a location/episode active again at another time if need be!

We have added a new Corporate Expense (CE) account type! While it does not show on the cost report, it will appear on both your Trial Balance with Company Expenses Report and P & L Reports.

Trial Balance with Company Expenses Report

Cumulative P & L Statement Report