How to: Use the Chart of Accounts

Step 1: Click CHART OF ACCOUNTS on the left navigation.

2021-05-16 17_27_43-Permissions

Step 2: Check the box to enable a filter.

2021-05-16 17_29_02-Chart Of Accounts

Step 3: If location/episode codes are required for budgeting, use the drop down menu to filter.

2021-05-16 17_30_39-Chart Of Accounts

Step 4: Use COLLAPSE ALL/EXPAND ALL to show only header accounts then click the triangle icon to the left to expand one section of accounts.

2021-05-16 17_32_21-Chart Of Accounts

Step 5: Click on an account number to see the general ledger for that account.

2021-05-16 17_35_23-Chart Of Accounts

Step 6: Click on an invoice or transaction number to see a specific transaction.

2021-05-16 17_36_20-Chart Of Accounts

Step 7: To view the chart of accounts across projects, check the SHOW ALL PROJECT box then use the Project filter as needed.

2021-05-16 17_37_37-Chart Of Accounts

Step 8: Use the column filters to filter as needed.

2021-05-16 17_38_57-Chart Of Accounts

Step 9: Generate a cost report or trial balance via the Reports drop down menu.

2021-05-16 17_40_09-Chart Of Accounts

Step 10: Click EXPORT to export to PDF or excel.

2021-05-16 17_34_23-Chart Of Accounts