How to: Use Manage Code Types

Follow the steps below to enable/disable codes for your payroll and accounting transactions.

Step 1: Under the Project section on the left navigation, click MANAGE CODE TYPES.

2022-04-13 13_20_01-Dashboard

Step 2: Click VIEW from the Actions drop down menu next to the code on the All or Enabled tab.

2020-10-08 14_02_03-Manage Codes

Step 3: Click ADD ITEM to add a new code.

2020-10-08 14_02_37-Manage Codes

Step 4: A new line will appear on the grid. Fill out the Code, Description, and Currency.

2020-10-08 14_03_16-Manage Codes

Step 5: Once you've added all the needed codes, click SAVE.

2020-10-08 14_04_54-Manage Codes

If you would like episode, location or sub account codes enabled or required for budgeting please contact  Please note that free field codes will be enabled by default once they are added.