How to: Submit a Loan Out Start Work Packet

In the GreenSlate app, a Loan Out Start Packet refers to the page that contains all documents tied to your loan out company:

  • I9 
  • W9
  • All Start Forms
  • All Custom Forms
  1. A user can have multiple Loan Out Companies on their profile.
  2. There can only be one Loan Out Start Packet per Loan Out Company.
  3. A Loan Out Start Packet can contain multiple Start Forms.

Step 1: Setup the loan out company.

Step 2: Click LOAN OUT START WORK PACKETS on the left side navigation.

Step 3: From there click ADD LOAN OUT START WORK PACKET in the upper right corner.


When an employer invites you to a GreenSlate project, they may not be aware that you want to be paid as a Loaned out employee. In that case, the Start Form they have created will appear on the Employee tab of the Project Start Work page.


However, when you create a Loan Out Start Packet, the existing Start Form will be moved to the Loan Out Start Packet.


Step 4: Select the loan out company from the drop down menu and click CREATE.

2021-11-23 15_56_21-Loan Out Start Work Packets

Step 5: Click ADD in the I-9 section then follow steps 3-7 here.

2021-11-23 14_54_08-Loan Out Companys Loan Out Start Work _ Kitty Kat Productions

Step 6: Click REVIEW and approve the start form that has been prefilled by Production.

2021-11-23 14_56_53-Loan Out Companys Loan Out Start Work _ Kitty Kat Productions

There might be fields required for you to complete when approving the start form. They will be marked with an asterisks.  Complete all fields prior to clicking Approve or you will receive an error.


If Production did not prefill a start form for you, you can click ADD to submit a start form and then it will go to Production for approval.

Step 7: Once all forms are submitted, Production will be notified to approve. You will receive an email once your start work is fully approved informing you that you can submit timecards.

To view an existing packet, click LOAN OUT START WORK PACKETS then click VIEW from the Actions drop down menu.

2021-11-23 16_06_58-Loan Out Start Work Packets

If you have already created a Loan Out Start Packet and see a Start Form appear on the “individual” Project Start Work page, contact Production to have the Start Form assigned to your Loan Out Company.