How to: Submit a PCard Envelope (mobile)

Download the GreenSlate app for iPhones or Android devices and quickly submit your pcard envelopes to production for approval.

Step 1: Log into the GreenSlate App on your mobile device.

Step 2: Click the menu in the upper left then click the + to the right of My PCard Envelopes.

pic 1

Step 3: Select the vendor from the Cards drop down menu that you would like to create an envelope for then click SUBMIT.

pic 2

Step 4: Select the transactions you would like to add to your envelope from the Add Imports window and click ADD.

pic 3

Step 5: Click SUMMARY.

2021-03-19 17_41_25-Knowledge

Step 6: Fill out all required fields and click DONE.

pic 5

Step 7: Click DETAILS.

2021-03-19 17_41_54-Knowledge

Step 8: Select Account codes from the drop down menu and assign any required coding. Click on a specific import line to edit the description, coding, or amount for that specific line. Click DONE after completing all edits.

pic 6

Step 9: Click NOTES to leave a note on the pcard envelope.

2021-03-19 17_42_12-Inbox - - Outlook

Step 10: Enter a note and click SUBMIT NOTE then click DONE.

pic 7

Step 11: Click FILES to attach files, such as receipts, to the pcard envelope.

2021-03-19 17_42_27-Knowledge

Step 12: Click UPLOAD then choose to upload a photo from your mobile device's library, take a picture, or browse other files.  Once all files are added, click DONE.

Pic 8

Step 13: Click SUBMIT.

Pic 9