How to: Set Up Bank Accounts

Step 1: Click BANK ACCOUNTS on the left navigation.

2021-05-09 15_39_30-https___demo2.gslate.com_#_AccountingReports_Rerun_1672

Step 2: Click ADD ACCOUNT.

2021-05-09 15_40_26-GreenSlate Departments_Positions List.xlsx - Excel

Step 3: Fill out all applicable fields in the Bank Info section.

2022-02-15 10_51_40-Bank Info

Step 4: Select the account to link the bank to.

2022-02-15 10_53_03-Bank Info

Step 5: Fill in the Bank Address information.

2021-05-09 15_44_44-Bank Info

Step 6: Fill in the Payer Company Information.  This will appear on AP checks.

2021-05-09 15_45_47-Bank Info

Step 7: Add notes if needed.

2021-05-09 15_46_47-GreenSlate Departments_Positions List.xlsx - Excel

Step 8: Click SAVE.

2021-05-09 15_48_13-GreenSlate Departments_Positions List.xlsx - Excel

Step 9: To setup your check stock type and configure your check ranges, click EDIT from the Actions drop down menu.

2021-05-09 15_49_53-Bank Accounts

Step 10: Check ENFORCE RANGE and enter a prefix if needed.

2022-02-15 10_55_13-Microsoft Edge

Step 11: Enter a starting number (ending number is optional).

2022-02-15 10_55_49-Microsoft Edge

Step 12: Select the check stock type and enter the number of copies.

2021-05-09 15_53_40-Bank Info

Step 13: Click SAVE.

2021-05-09 15_48_13-GreenSlate Departments_Positions List.xlsx - Excel