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How to: Set up a Prepaid Card Vendor

Some vendors will be created automatically while others will need to be created manually depending on the prepaid cards service utilized on the project.

Adding a New Vendor (manually)

Step 1: Click the + next to Vendors on the left navigation.

2020-11-06 10_15_54-Dashboard

Step 2: Fill out all required fields and any other information that can be completed.

2020-11-06 10_16_52-Add New Vendor

Step 3: Select a CP account from the Prepaid Card Account drop down menu or select Auto-create if a new account needs to be added (the application will automatically add a new account to your chart of accounts in the CP range)

2020-11-06 10_20_18-Add New Vendor

Step 4: Click SUBMIT.

2020-11-06 10_21_30-Inbox - laura.walton@gslate.com - Outlook

Giving the Cardholder Access to Submit Envelopes

Step 1: Invite the user with role Prepaid Card Employee or if they are already invite, update their access by following the steps linked here.

2020-11-06 10_25_08-Inbox - laura.walton@gslate.com - Outlook

Step 2: Click VENDORS on the left navigation then filter for the vendor's name.

2020-11-06 10_28_20-Vendors

Step 3: Click VIEW VENDOR PROFILE from the Actions drop down menu.

2020-11-06 10_29_26-Vendors

Step 4: Click EDIT.

2020-11-06 10_30_21-Inbox - laura.walton@gslate.com - Outlook

Step 5: Select the user's name from the PC/CP User drop down menu.

2020-11-06 10_31_27-Vendor Information

Step 6: Click SAVE.

2020-11-06 10_32_30-Inbox - laura.walton@gslate.com - Outlook