How to: Map Accounts for the NY Tax Credit Summary

Step 1: Click ACCOUNT MAPPING on the left navigation.

2021-05-09 15_03_40-Chart of Accounts Mappings

Step 2: Click CREATE NEW MAP.

2021-05-09 15_04_29-GreenSlate Departments_Positions List.xlsx - Excel

Step 3: Select NY TAX CREDIT from the drop down menu and click GO TO MAPPING.

2021-05-09 15_06_01-Chart of Accounts Mappings

Step 4: At this point you have the option to: 

a.    AutoMap: The “AutoMap” button will map a one-to-one mapping where the Project COA and the NY Tax Credit COA account number are exactly the same. This can save time where there is this one-to one relationship. 

b.    Manually Map: Manually mapping allows you to map each account or group of accounts individually. 

c.    Combination of AutoMap/Manual Mapping: You can “AutoMap” to map where accounts align in a one-to-one relationship and then manually map those that do not. 


To AutoMap:

Step 1:   Click AUTOMAP.

The following window will open: 

2021-05-09 15_08_52-Chart of Accounts Mapping

IMPORTANT: IF accounts have already been mapped, you will lose all mapping if you click “Yes”. 

Step 2: Click YES and the system will automatically map matching accounts. 

Step 3: manually map the remaining accounts


To Manually Map (Tips and Tricks to simplify manual mapping!):

Step 1: Click the COLLAPSE HEADER BUTTON to display only the header accounts.

Step 2: Click the triangle to the left of any given header to expand that set of accounts.

Step 3: Check multiple Project Chart of Accounts of the same type and choose a single destination account. 

You cannot map different account types, they must be the same in both the Project Chart of Accounts and the NY Tax Credit.

Step 4: Filter by “Mapped” to see what accounts remain to be mapped. 

Until you “Lock” the COA you can make changes and additions to the mapping.