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How to: Import Credit Card Charges

Step 1: Download your credit card transactions into an excel format from the respective credit card website.  

Step 2: Click IMPORT STORAGE on the left navigation.

2021-05-09 18_55_35-Journal Entry


2021-05-09 18_56_13-Import Storage

Step 4: Begin copying and pasting all the transaction detail from your credit card transactions excel sheet onto the “csv import template”.  Note, the  GL Account and Vendor Code must be manually entered into the import template.

2021-05-09 18_57_39-Template (12).csv - Excel

Step 5: Click UPLOAD CSV.

2021-05-09 18_58_26-Import Storage

Step 6: Click UPLOAD and choose the template from where it is saved on your computer.

2021-05-09 19_04_59-Import Storage

Step 7: Click SUBMIT.

2021-05-09 19_07_07-Import Storage

Step 8: Click the + to the right of Journal Entries on the left navigation.

2021-05-09 18_21_50-Dashboard

Step 9: Select the vendor from the drop down menu.

2021-05-09 19_15_18-Journal Entry

Step 10: Select the transactions in the Add Imports window then click ADD.

2021-05-09 19_21_38-Journal Entry

Step 11: Fill in all required fields in the Summary section.

2021-05-09 19_28_07-Template (12).csv - Excel

Step 12: Enter the account for the credit card liability in the credit line that is created automatically. 

2021-05-09 19_24_09-Journal Entry

Step 13: Add notes and upload files as needed.

2021-05-09 19_29_11-Journal Entry

Step 14: Click SUBMIT.

2021-05-09 19_30_28-Template (12).csv - Excel