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How to: Entry Window Templates

Complete your data entry in excel then copy/paste into PO and other accounting transaction entry windows to create your transactions.

Step 1: Click the + to the right of the transaction you would like to create on the left navigation.

2021-05-07 16_17_28-Dashboard

Step 2: Click GENERATE TEMPLATE in the Details section then click on the template that downloads to open.

2021-05-07 16_19_04-Purchase Order

Step 3: Fill out the template.

2021-05-07 16_19_57-Todd Foolery TransactionDetailTemplate.xlsx - Excel

Step 4: Copy the entire template.

2021-05-07 16_21_50-Todd Foolery TransactionDetailTemplate.xlsx - Excel

Step 5: While keeping the template open and highlighted, click PASTE in the Details section.

2021-05-07 16_22_41-Purchase Order

Step 6: Fill out all required fields on the top section of the entry window.

2021-05-07 16_23_47-Purchase Order

Step 7: Add notes and upload files as needed.

2021-05-07 16_24_17-Purchase Order

Step 8: Click SUBMIT.

2021-05-07 16_24_46-Todd Foolery TransactionDetailTemplate.xlsx - Excel