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How to: Enter Debit Card Transactions

Step 1: Click JOURNAL ENTRIES on the left navigation.

2021-05-09 18_21_50-Dashboard


2021-05-09 18_22_49-Journal Entries

Step 3: Enter a JE # or one will autogenerate and complete all required fields (Vendor is NOT required). 

2021-05-09 18_24_52-Journal Entry

Step 4: One detail line will be created automatically.  Enter one debit transaction in the detail line, debiting the expense account you would like to allocate the cost to.  Change the description to match what is on the debit card statement. 

2021-05-09 18_27_44-Journal Entry

Step 5: A credit line will be created automatically. Enter the checking account for the credit line and edit the description to match the debit line.

2021-05-09 18_29_33-Journal Entry

Step 6: Repeat steps 2-5 as many times as necessary to add a debit/credit line for each transaction on the debit card statement by clicking ADD ITEM.

2021-05-09 18_30_43-Journal Entry

Step 7: Click SUBMIT.

2021-05-09 18_31_34-