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How to: Download Manager

Bulk download start work, timecards, and accounting transaction PDFs as needed via My Downloads.

Step 1: Click on the document type that you would like to download from the left navigation.  For example, START FORMS.

2021-05-10 18_35_51-Start Forms

Step 2: Check the boxes to the left of the documents you would like to include in the download. Check the box at the top of the column to select all.

2021-05-10 18_37_02-Start Forms

You must be on the Default or All tab to see the check box column on the left of the grid.

Step 3: Click DOWNLOAD (document type) PDF from the Batch Actions drop down menu.

2021-05-10 18_38_49-Start Forms

Step 4: Click MY DOWNLOADS on the left navigation.

2021-05-10 18_40_03-Start Forms

Step 5: Click on the file name or click DOWNLOAD from the Actions drop down menu.

2021-05-10 18_40_57-My Downloads

The zip file will download automatically for you to open.