How To: Create a Batch Using All Batches

Start creating a batch of timecards from any project and the application will automatically update to the project you would like to create a batch for.

Step 1: On the left navigation, click the + sign next to ALL BATCHES or click on ALL BATCHES then click the CREATE BATCH button.

2020-06-26 13_21_34-All Batches

From the All Batches page, you can also view all your batches across projects or select the tab for the current project.

Step 2: Select the project you would like to create a batch for then click PROCEED.

2020-06-26 13_03_32-Project Batches

Step 3: Name the batch, elect the pay date, and enter a memo if applicable.

2020-06-26 13_04_24-Calendar - - Outlook

Step 4: Add timecards to the batch by clicking the ADD button next to each timecard or check the boxes to the left of multiple timecards then click ADD TO BATCH from the Batch Actions drop down menu. 

2020-06-26 13_05_21-Calendar - - OutlookStep 5: Click SAVE.