How to: Correct Entries

Unposted Transaction

Step 1: Click GENERAL LEDGER on the left navigation.

2021-05-09 14_46_19-General Ledger

Step 2: Click on the transaction you would like to edit.

2021-05-09 19_35_43-General Ledger

Step 3: Click EDIT.

2021-05-09 19_36_31-Template (12).csv - Excel

Step 4: Make necessary changes then click SAVE.

2021-05-09 19_37_37-Template (12).csv - Excel

Posted Transaction in the Current Period

Step 1: Follow steps 1 through 3 from above.

Step 2: Make necessary changes.  Neither the total amount of the transaction nor the vendor can be changed once it is posted; however, the acct #, amount, and description in the detail expense lines can be edited and additional lines can be added to split lines.  To add a new line, click ADD LINE.  

Step 3: Click SAVE.


Posted Transaction in a Closed Period

Transactions in a closed period cannot be edited except to make a distribution change.  Click Here to follow the steps.

You can edit, void, or void/reissue posted current period DC changes