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How to: Approve a Prepaid Card Envelope

Step 1: Click PCARD ENVELOPES on the left navigation.

2020-11-06 12_07_24-PCard Envelopes

Step 2: Click the REVIEW button on the envelope you would like to approve.

2020-11-06 12_08_02-PCard Envelopes

Step 3: To send the envelope back to the user on the prior approval flow step, click REJECT.

2020-11-06 12_10_22-Template (8).csv - Excel

Enter a reason why you are rejecting then click CONFIRM.

2020-11-06 12_11_07-Envelope # Env-4

Approval flows can be setup so that approvers have the ability to edit the envelope instead of rejecting. If you are unable to edit while approving and would like to be able to do so, please contact GreenSlate Support and we can adjust your approval flow settings.

Step 4: If the envelope is correct, click APPROVE.

2020-11-06 12_10_22-Template (8).csv - Excel

Step 5: Once fully approved, the pcard envelope will appear as an unposted transaction. It can be edited at any time by the accountant by clicking on the envelope number from the PCard Envelope grid then click Edit on the bottom right.

2020-11-06 12_15_29-PCard Envelopes

To post the transaction, follow the steps linked here.