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How to: Add a Custom Message to an Invite Email

Step 1: On the left navigation, click the + to the right of Employees.

2021-01-19 15_48_02-Invite User

Step 2: Enter the employee's name, email address, role(s) and division (if enabled).

2021-01-19 16_08_39-Invite User

If a user is being invited with access other than start work and timecards, skip Step 3.

Step 3: Click PREFILL START WORK and follow the steps linked here.

Step 4: Check the “Add custom message” box in the Email Template section.

2021-01-19 16_09_36-Invite User

Step 5: Type your text in the text box.

2021-01-19 16_12_06-Invite User

The html under the text box can be used to format the font and add links to URLs.

Step 6: Click PREVIEW EMAIL to view the email before sending.

2021-01-19 16_13_54-Invite User

Step 7: Review the preview.

Your custom copy will appear underneath the “Access your account” button.

2021-01-19 16_14_17-Invite User

Step 8: Close the preview and make any necessary updates.

Step 9: Click INVITE.

2021-01-19 16_16_09-Invite User