How To: Enter a Timecard (Mobile) (U.S.)

Entering a timecard is quick and easy with GreenSlate.

Step 1: From the Dashboard, Click ADD NEW

Mobile - Timecard Dashboard

Step 2: Select your weekending date and position and click CREATE. 

NOTE: Your Primary Position is the position you are filling out the timecard for.  Don't see your position? Continue filling out the timecard and add a Note on the next page in the Notes section.

Mobile - Timecard Options

Step 3: Select HOURS.

Mobile - Timecard Hours

Step 4: Check the check-boxes for the days that you worked, and select the arrow to complete the details for that day.

Mobile - Timecard Arrow

Step 5: Complete the details of the day worked.

Mobile - Timecard InOut Times


NOTE: Flat day rate or flat weekly rate employees will not enter in and wrap times. Only total hours.


Columns on your Timecard:

  • Actions: You can use the Copy/Paste feature to enter the hours for one day, then copy and paste them to another day(s); You can use Split to split the day into multiple positions or Day Types
  • Position: If you have multiple positions you will be able to choose the appropriate position for the day 
  • Worked: If the actual times do not have to be entered, you can check the Worked box to mark that you worked that day. (You can enter your hours in the Hours column if you like.)
  • Day Type: Work, travel, vacation etc
  • Position: The position you worked that day.
  • In: Start of work day.
  • Lunch: Start/end and meal penalty (MP) if applicable.
  • Dinner: Start/end and meal penalty (MP) if applicable.
  • End: End of work day (wrap).
  • Hours: Total hours for the day.

Times can be entered in military time or by using AM and PM.


 Step 6: Other earnings or reimbursements can be added in the "Other Earnings" area. 

To add an other earning, select OTHER EARNINGS, click ADD ITEM, select your other earning type from the dropdown, confirm rate and amount, and click DONE

Mobile - Timecard Other Earnings

Step 7: Add any additional notes you may want to by clicking NOTES.  

NOTE: You also have the option to save a draft of your timecard if you are not ready to submit your hours by clicking SAVE DRAFT.

Mobile - Timecard Save Draft


Mobile - Timecard Submit

Step 8: Upon submitting your timecard, a window will open in which you can sign by holding the left mouse button if you are on a desktop computer or with your finger if you are using a mobile device.  Once you sign your timecard, it will become read-only for your employer.  If your employer notices any changes that need to be made, he/she will reject the timecard back to you with notes.



If you've made a mistake on your timecard, you can access your timecard again by clicking VIEW from the Timecards page and then click EDIT to make changes. This option is only available if your timecard has not yet been approved by your employer.

Mobile - Timecard Review

Mobile - Timecard EDIT