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How to: Make a Vendor Restricted

Vendors can be made private to restrict users who only have access to submit POs/Bills/Check Requests from viewing/selecting them.

Only users who have approver access will be able to view restricted vendors and have the ability to set a vendor as restricted.

Step 1: On the left navigation click VENDORS.

2020-10-14 15_53_22-Vendors

Step 2: Click VIEW VENDOR PROFILE from the Actions drop down menu to the left of the vendor.

2020-10-14 15_52_50-Vendors

Step 3: Click EDIT.

2020-10-14 15_53_59-Inbox - laura.walton@gslate.com - Outlook

Step 4: Uncheck the box that says "Is Vendor Public" under the vendor name.

2020-10-14 15_50_58-Vendor Information

Step 5: Click SAVE.

2020-10-14 15_52_04-Inbox - laura.walton@gslate.com - Outlook

NOTE: All vendors that are created from an employee will be restricted by default.