Development v54.0 09/15/2020



CSV Report Optimizations
The time needed to create CSV reports from ‘Generate Payroll Files’ was reduced by 95% by simplifying the queries used.


Lazy Load End event listener across the site
As part of the Lazy Loading feature, we created a new event that triggers once the page is fully loaded, including lazy loading panels, which simplifies the way in which this procedure works.


Hangfire Concurrency
This change helps our system make sure that only one instance of each task is running at the same time. This ensures that the system won’t double up on tasks, avoiding scenarios where tasks start to pile up and overload the system.


Unity Container Configuration
This change helps streamline the way in which items are loaded on pages, which depending on the request, could be a time reduction of up to 90%.


With this change the system will create a new instance of an object and reuse it throughout the same HTTP request.
New Features:


Manage Codes
We’ve added a new feature which allows for the adding, editing, disabling codes under the following different categories: Company, 1099/T4A, Free, Set, Locations, Episodes, and Work State.


Digital Payroll:
401k values for employees now copy over to all projects in which the employee works within the same company, reducing data entry for paymasters.


Custom Forms can now have “0” values entered in numeric fields, increasing the ways we can use numeric fields.


The ‘Employee Positions’ grid now shows users filtered by Division.


The mileage form in 'Other Forms' to reflect updated mileage rates.


A ‘Refresh’ button was added to the core log for Internal Batches, replacing the need for a key command.



Canadian Payroll will start using a new account codes division, so new ways to split information were created for the ‘Invoice Management Report’. The format of the reports will be selected based on the country of the QB type selected.

We can now set default Set Codes on ‘Employee Positions’, reducing data entry for productions and paymasters.



WC Cost, WC Cost Rate and WC Bill Rate, have been added to the WC Audit Report for enhanced functionality.

To allow for additional filtering options, Mailing Address/Phone & Gender/Ethnicity/Birth Date fields were added to ’Additional Field Options’.


Accounting features:


A ‘Download Reports’ option and Batch Action was added to Accounting Reports to allow for downloading of multiple reports.




To allow for recording of a specific address on a check, a ‘Check Address’ field was added to the ‘Bank Info’ page.


The option to view the total amount of selected PO’s or Imported transaction now shows in the ‘Add Purchase Orders’ modal.


A ‘View Check Copy’ action was added to PR Transactions, which allows for the viewing of check copies from this page.



We now show the name of the form’s creator when viewing digital POs/Transactions.


New Columns (ETC +/-, EFC +/-) added to Cost Reports. These columns allow entering an amount which will sum or delete to the ETC or EFC column.



Three new COVID-19 related Pay Items were added to timecards processing, to properly track the related benefits.(COVID Sick Pay Self, COVID Sick Pay Care of Others, COVID Family Leave Pay).


To ensure that users cannot change a root division, we now disable the ‘Parent Division’ dropdown list when editing a root division.



A new dropdown for Compact and Comfortable grid views have been added and will be visible in all grids across the application.


We’ve increased the visibility of the ‘Password Reset’ link and Software Version on the ‘Login’ page.


To comply with new tax requirements for 2020, the new 1099-NEC tax form has been imported into the system.


Fringes for Picrow have been added, Picrow Roth 401K & Picrow Roth 401K%.
Other changes:


To match our system conventions, the ‘Edit’ button color has been changed on ‘Cost Reports’.