Deployment v93.0 07/10/2023

Release Highlights:

  • New code types - Easily organize and tag expenses using new options for  assets, insurance, carbon, and free field 4. Once your new code types are created, they appear on timecards and accounting transactions. Learn more about GreenSlate’s coding options here.

Accounting Updates

  • Improved Purchase Order's numbering.

PO numbers were improved to use a prefix and a five-digit number (e.g. MG-00001) instead of a prefix and one-digit number (e.g. MG-1). This change has improved sorting and reporting.

  • Added a new 'Is Reimbursement Vendor' column to the Vendors grid.

This new column will be used to identify Employees that were added as Vendors. The column can be added by going into the Custom Grid View Settings in the Vendors grid.

  • Improved the confirmation modal when a Company level Vendor's information is used on the Project Vendor form.

The previous message was confusing and made the user understand that a duplicate would be created. The wording has been improved and no duplicates should be created.

  • Improved Sub Accounts' dropdown in Purchase Orders

The Sub Account dropdown in Purchase Orders was enhanced to display the Sub Accounts associated with the selected Account, ensuring that account and sub-account data remain synchronized.

  • Improved Sub Accounts' dropdown in PCard Envelopes

The Sub Account dropdown was fixed to display all available codes after inserting the CASHet template into a PCard Envelope.

  • The 'Download Payment File' action has been removed for EASI Link and Bank of America ACH files.

The 'Download Payment File' Action from the EASI Link and Bank of America ACH was removed, as sending the file to the bank is managed automatically thereby eliminating the need for users to download the file.


Payroll Updates

  • Added more actions to the Digital Timecard page.

Users can now find more tools in the Timecard Header Actions dropdown. This includes viewing and printing PDFs, sending an email reminder, and adding the timecard to an existing or new batch.

  • Added New Columns for All Batches. 

New toggle columns have been added that allow users to view the Payroll Fees Total, Payroll Taxes Total, Accruals - Not Billed Total, and Workers Compensation Total. The columns are off by default, and will appear before the ""Final Invoice"" when enabled. This feature allows users to quickly and easily view and validate the total invoices, amount, and compare it with the Payroll Exports files.

  • Added “Union Status” to the Employee Position grid. 

“Union Status” has been added to the Employee Position Detail page.

  • Added Field to Earning Statement - Tax Frequency.

The payroll preview, check stub, and check details report have been updated to include an additional field for tax frequency. 

  • Added multiple useful indicators on the Digital Timecard.

A "red corner" is now displayed in a cell when a user has modified the Total Hours, Meal Penalty amounts, or Day Total. This allows Hours approvers to see at a glance when an employee has modified the default calculated values, and makes it easy for grossers to notice when the Day Total has been overridden.

  • Added Totals to the Digital Timecard's Grossing panel.

The Grossing Timecard's main panel now shows totals for Meal Penalty amounts, Night Premiums, Rest Violations, the Day Total, and all overtime multipliers. These totals are calculated by column, which differs from the Total's panel breakdown.


General Updates

  • Updated styles in the Home Page.

Visual changes in the Home Page included updating some of the icons and alignment of the Walkthrough Launchers, which resulted in a cleaner and a more visually appealing page.

  • Added an alert message when User runs any cross project report

‘The Cross Project Report(s) can be found in the Project(s) selected while running the report.' - yellow toaster message shows up after the user runs any cross project report and the project that the user is at is NOT in the Projects used in the report.

  • Keyboard Navigation Enhancements - Left Menu 

These enhancements allow for easier navigation within our recently updated left navigation menu.

  • Updated the Notification Center's illustration and copy, when there are no notifications.

The new illustration and copy aligns best to our brand's image and voice.

  • Added the option 'Box 3 W2 Earnings' as a new field in the Additional Field Options settings

Included the 'Box 3 Earnings' as a field in the Additional Field option settings for the PDR. If the option is selected, the PDR would show the column in the generated report.