Deployment v92.0 06/12/2023

Release Highlights:

  • Seamlessly view and update batches across all of your projects in one place with All Batches. Project Batches has been updated to All Batches to give you even more options and flexibility. Learn more here.
  • Easily manage company Paid Time Off with a new option to bulk assign PTO policies. Learn more here.
  • Work faster with improved timecard column visibility and a new bulk download option for start work. You can also bulk download POs, timecards, and more. Learn more here.  



  • Improved the Accounting Reports to support up to 20 characters in the Purchase Order Number fields.

Now that the PO Number limit has been increased to 12, the reports that contain PO Numbers have also been updated to support 20 characters, in order to support regular POs and also Amendments.

  • The Sub Account dropdown now shows all available codes when posting payroll.

The Sub Account dropdown was not showing the available Sub Accounts.

  • Enhanced all the transaction PDFs to show the Payee Name.

The PDFs were previously showing only the Vendor's first name, now they will display the Payee Name which consists of the Vendor's first name + last name.


  • Bulk Assign of PTO Policies has been added to the PTO Balances Grid.

A new action has been added to the Paid Time Off Balances page, allowing users to bulk-assign policies to multiple employees. The action includes multi-selection boxes and two radio button options to either overwrite any already selected policy or assign only if employees don't have a policy of this type. This new action is important for quickly assigning policies to multiple employees.

  • Ability to Batch Download PDF in the I9 Grid has been added.

Ability to Batch Download PDF in the I9 Grid has been added to allow users to save multiple I9 PDFs to their downloads.

  • Check Auto send Box-tblProjectIntegrationSettings table has been implemented.

Check Auto send Box-tblProjectIntegrationSettings table has been implemented in the system to not throw a toaster message, the user could continue and save the information for that project.

  • An issue on Positive Pay alerts has been fixed.

An issue on Positive Pay alerts has been fixed to incorporate the correct amount of digits in the Bill payment form and bill payment preview.

  • Added Tax Frequency Field.

The tax frequency field was added to the payroll preview, check details, and check stub report. This new field allows users to easily view the tax frequency that is pulled from the timesheet.

  • Fixed Global Employee Record Error.

Users may now update the email associated with their Global Employee Record has been fixed. All users attempting to update their email information are now able to do so without any errors.

  • Fixed Core Employee Position Detail Refresh Schedule.

The Schedule dropdown on the Core Employee Position page now refreshes when the Contract dropdown is updated, allowing paymasters to quickly update the schedule without having to exit the position and re-enter the detail. This enhancement saves time and provides a better user experience.

  • Fixed issue related to Missing Postage Fee.

Postage is now correctly being charged on checks when the conditions are met. This will ensure that all users are charged the correct postage for checks.

  • Updated the names of the Timecards grid
The Weekly Timecards and Daily Times grid are now the Weekly and Daily grids.
  • Improved the Digital Timecard's Column Visibility rules
The Digital Timecard now automatically displays columns that contain a value, even if the user had that column hidden. Columns that are displayed using this logic do not carry over to the next timecard if they are hidden by default for the user.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the Digital Timecard's Column Toggles
The state of a column toggle now persists from one timecard to the next. For instance, if a user enables the "Dinner" columns on Timecard 1, the columns will also be enabled on Timecard 2.
  • Added a File Naming Convention for Timecard PDF with Check Copy
The File Naming Convention builder allows users to set a custom convention for the action that downloads both a Timecard PDF and its matching Check Copy. By default, each file is named: {ProjectName}_{LoanOutCorporation}_{EmployeeLast} {EmployeeFirst}_TC with Check copy #{Check Number}_{PayDate}
  • Improved the Default Employee Position Grid logic
The Labor Fringe Account Code is now defaulted in the grid after a Labor Account Code has been inputted. This functionality is controlled by a Project Setting.
  • Resolved an issue affecting the Rate column on the Digital Timecard's Other Earnings grid.
Adjusting Other Earnings columns no longer resets the rate field.
  • Fixed a Digital Timecard PDF bug
Day Types properly show on the Timecard PDF when the same day type is used across all days
  • Improved the Approval Flow Status Recap for Converted Prelim Timecards
The Approval Flow Recap Status now reads: "Converted from a Prelim Timecard by GreenSlate on behalf of [Last User who saved the Prelim Timecard]” after a Prelim Timecard has been converted.
  • Improved Prelim Timecards to follow a user when they are merged
If a user is the owner of a Prelim Timecard when they are merged, that document is transferred to the new user after a merge.

General Updates

  • Fixed an issue with the "Select All" functionality in grids.

The "Select All' functionality works as expected after this bug was fixed.

  • Fixed an issue with missing data in the Employee Positions grid.

The "Schedule", "Agreement" and "Tier" columns are now displaying their values correctly.

  • Header in Mobile Version updated to display the project dropdown

The project dropdown for mobile was located inside the hamburger menu, and it was not intuitive for the users, now is placed in the top navigation, as desktop version, so the user can reach and change easily. 

  • Fixed Grid tabs when it has too many tabs, it overlapped  the action button on the grids

Grids with many labels no longer cause an overlap of actions.

  • Fixed the login message in the check printing app

The text displayed in the modal when logging out was misaligned and the letters are white so the user was not able to read correctly, now this text is adjust properly.

  • Added Canada Flags to Projects

It wasn't easy to distinguish the USA projects from the Canadian projects, so we added a flag in the Canada projects, so all of the users, internal/external, can identify them quickly.

  • The Report Type dropdown list was ordered alphabetically

In the Accounting reports page the "Report Type" category was alphabetically ordered to keep consistency and to ease the searching process.

  • The Company code filter was added to all the 1099 Reports

Netflix requires company codes in all projects and will need 1099 reports filterable by company code hence the Company Code filter was added to all T4A/1099 Reports.