Deployment v89.0 03/13/2023


Release Highlights:

  • Save time with our secure file transfer for positive pay with Bank of America. Along with Bank of America, we offer positive pay for City National Bank, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan. Learn more here.
  • Work faster with our redesigned left menu navigation. Search the menu, collapse menu categories, and pin most frequently used menu items for easy access. Learn more here.
  • Run accounting reports by category from more places with our accounting reports update. For example: Vendor reports can now run from within the Vendors module.
  • Easily view all your project notifications by document type in our notifications center.
  • Keep organized with common naming conventions for saved files and folder names.
  • Safely retain your work with autosave.


  • Fixed error happening after adding a Company Vendor to the Project. The 'Add To Project' functionality has been fixed to allow adding a Company Vendor to the Project level.
  • Fixed uneven split issue in Bills. Improved consistency and performance of the split action in Bills. Splits are now done evenly and without affecting other detail lines.
  • Improved the Invoice and Check Numbers for voided transactions. After a transaction is voided a 'V' will be added to the Check or Invoice number. This will allow reusing the same number on new transactions.
  • Fixed a bug in the Check Numbers that was causing duplicates. A validation was added to stop users from changing the Check Number to an already existing Check Number.

Client Integrations:

  • Retrieved all the vendor name both regular vendor and employee vendors. We created a new method that retrieves all the vendors (regulars and employee vendors) in one query to decrease the callings to the DB .
  • Created new permissions around assignable roles and assigning internal roles to a user. With this change, only users with the specific permission are able to add/remove assignable roles. Likewise, only certain users will be able to assign internal roles to a user.
  • Global PTO is now enabled by default for new projects. The project setting 'Enable Paid Time Off' used to be disabled by default when creating a new project. Now, it is enabled by default.
  • CNB ACH EasiLink - Account No from Bank Account -Fixed max length. With this fix, users can create accounts with max 12 characters when EASI Link is enabled in Project Settings, CNB is selected in the Bank dropdown and Payment File is enabled in the Bank Account form.
  • Switched order of panels on history page. Reverse the order of the panels in the Paramount Reporting History SPA moving the History Section to the top and dropping the Accounting Reports to the bottom.


Global Components:

  • Timecards - Fixed an issue which allowed editing the grid without going into 'Edit' mode first. With this fix, users can only make edits after clicking on the "Edit' button.
  • General Ledger - 'Submit' button now works in Bulk Edit mode. This bug was causing the 'Submit' button to be inactive when in Edit mode. It now works as expected.
  • Removed empty modal that showed up after bulk-approving transactions. An empty modal was showing up after the user bulk-approved transactions This modal has now been removed.
  • Bulk Edit - Fixed the number of selected items displayed in the 'Bulk Actions' dropdown menu. The number was not reflecting the actual number of selected items. This has now been fixed.

Payroll & Production:

  • Updated the W-4 and Tax Withholding pages. Several minor improvements were made to the W-4 and Tax Withholding page, resulting in a better user experience.
  • Fixed The HTG "Red corner" on Digital Timecards. Values modified by a user after being calculated by the Hours to Gross engine are now again displayed with a red corner.
  • Improved the "Reject from Grossing to Hours" Modal on Digital Timecards. Rejecting from the Grossing to the Hours approval flow presents a number of issues. The Reject action modal has been improved with pertinent information, and an issue with Batched timecard has received a fix.
  • Fixed a layout issue on the Digital Timecard PDF. The Digital Timecard PDF has been fixed to display Other Earnings and Deductions on the first page, provided there is enough space for it.
  • Adjusted the Digital Timecard PDF for Exempt employees. The "Total Hours" column has been removed from the Digital Timecard PDF when it uses Overtime Exempt positions.
  • Added "Overtime Type" to the Employee Positions grid. The column allows users to filter the grid based on the Employee's Overtime Type (Hourly, Exempt, On Call...), which can be helpful to create lists of FLSA exempt employees for example.
  • Updated the Accounting Import Coding logic when Default Employee Position Coding is enabled. In a situation where coding has not been provided on the Default Employee Position Grid for a specific Fringe Breakout Row, the Accounting Import now uses the coding provided on the Fringe Row of the same Expense Type section. This enhancement allows users with minimal coding to comprehensively code the accounting import with less up-front setup.

Systems & Security:

  • Fixed the font colors and styling issues in the user Survey. The text under the emoticons was not readable because of contrast issues and once a rating was selected, a text box for the user to enter feedback is displayed, however, the user's text input was white over a white background, so it was not visible. Now we adjust the colors and style and the user is able to type and see the content.
  • Fixed the ‘Actions’ flyout in mobile. The user was not able to close the flyout by clicking the arrow again, so we fixed it and now the user will open and close the dropdown by tapping on it.

Other New Features:

  • Added new Set Codes in Manage Code Types. A new Set Code was added to provide more coding options to our clients. The codes can be enabled in Manage Code Types, they can be required or optional, numeric or alphanumeric, and they can also be associated with a Currency. Once enabled they can be found throughout the app, from Timecards, to Purchase Orders, and Bills.
  • Global API Phase 2 (Vendors). Automatically capture and send Project Vendor Summary, Project Vendor Detail and Project User data from GSW, via API for ingestion.