Deployment v88.0 02/06/2023

New Features
Left Navigation v2.0. The Left Navigation is an existing feature that we just updated and refined, so that the users are able to search in the left navigation options, pin their favorite pages, and expand and collapse the menu sections. This way, users now have a clearer view of the options and how to navigate them. These changes were also applied to mobile, so the users are able to search, pin or expand/collapse on the mobile as they can do it on desktop.

Keyboard Navigation v3.0. The keyboard navigation was adjusted to work exactly like google sheets, and the user now is able to navigate within the cell with the arrows, which was a functionality that was not available in the past.

Accounting Reports Dropdown. This new feature will show a dropdown on the page's header with a list of available accounting reports for that entity. It will be rolled out to users gradually once 88.0 is live.

Renamed the 'This Vendor requires Payment Files' panel inside the Vendor form.
This panel is now called 'Enable ACH Bank Setup' to better reflect the purpose of that part which is to collect the Vendor's bank information for ACH payments done in the app through Bill Payments.

Fixed bug in the Clone functionality inside Purchase Orders. Previously after cloning a Purchase Order a bug was causing one extra detail line being created, now only the detail lines in the original PO will be added on the clone version. The user can still add new detail lines on the clone PO.

Fixed bug in the Purchase Orders and other Transactions PDFs. The footer inside the PDFs now correctly shows the page number and the total amount of pages inside the

Fixed an issue in the Account dropdown inside the Petty Cash form. The Account dropdown was only showing the Account code, now it also shows the description, like all the
other Account dropdowns inside the transaction forms.

Removed the PDF from the remittance email that is sent to Vendors. The PDF containing the Bill Payment, Bill, and the attachments has been removed from the email that is sent to
Vendors once the payment has initiated to improve the performance of the email.

Fixed an error stopping users from approving Bill Payments. When the step had 'Must Not Be Completed By Document Owner' conditional there was a bug that was not
allowing the users to approve the Bill Payment.

Fixed a bug in the Void and Void and Reissue functionality for Bills inside Bill Payments.
There was a bug creating duplicate Transaction Numbers to the offset transactions that were auto created after voiding or voiding and reissuing a Bill inside a Bill Payment.

Improved the grab clipboard template. The template used in transactions and Purchase Orders was moved to the solution ticket to ensure that any future changes will be released on time.

Fixed bug causing the detail line to disappear in transaction forms. After changing the Currency the detail line was disappearing and the user had to manually add it again. Now
the detail line will remain visible after changing the Currency.

Improved the Tax Credit Summaries for projects with empty Tax Credit Codes. Previously if there was a Tax Credit code was empty the Tax Credit Summary was showing empty and this was confusing for users. A tooltip was added to explain the reason.

Fixed various bugs on the Customers feature. The Customers feature can now be used in our app. The Accounting team has different projects this year to enable the AR features in GSW.

Removed the Purchase Order Refactor Feature Flag. The refactor is now available in all projects, this project improves the overall performance of Purchase Orders and allows creating POs with up to 2000 detail lines.

A new 'Project Relationship' field was added to the Incentives form. This new field is optional and can be edited by any user who has access to the Incentives form.


Client Solutions

Added a checkbox to approve auto-sending project flat files through SFTP. The checkbox is to approve auto-sending project flat files through SFTP (that will automatically move the files to the approved folder). Rather than placing files directly in the root, files should be placed either in the Pending or Approved folders.

CNB EasiLink - Added a validation so that, if the vendor only has the Business Address, the fields of the CSV are populated properly. The fields of the CSV were previously showing blank if the only had a Business Address(and not a Mailing Address) in the system

Fixed the 'Update with Company Info' Bulk Action in the 'Vendors' grid. This option was previously visible in the Bulk Actions dropdown, but was not working. It has now been fixed.

Updated the file naming convention for Bill Payments. The file names have been updated to match the specification.

Updated the 'Approval Flow Admin Confirmation Modal' so that it is displayed if any changes are made to Approval Flows configurations. This modal was previously only showing under certain scenarios. It is now displaying if any changes in the configuration are made.

Added a new 'Set as Default Code for Non Expense Accounts' Action in Manage Code Types.
This new Action allows setting a default code for the non expense accounts for the Sub Account, Location, and Episode codes. When a non expense account is selected while creating any transaction, this default code will populate automatically. The dropdown will still be editable and the user can select a different code if needed.

Added a 'View PDF' bulk action to the Custom Forms Setup grid. This enhancement is designed to generate Sample Custom Form packets. This action can be performed by external users with access to the Custom Forms Config grid, and combined with the grid's filtering functionality, it allows them to review onboarding packets for specific groups of Employees. Forms in the Preview are ordered using the Form Placement and Required/Optional settings.



Fixed a bug preventing Loan Out Start Work packet attachments from being downloaded.
Documents added to a Loan Out Start Work Packet via the files uploader can now be downloaded without encountering errors.

Added a 'Hire Date' field to the W-4 page and improved the logic for 'First Day of Employment'. The 'First Day of Employment' field on the W-4 form now retrieves the Employee's most recent Company Hire Date. A field was added on the W-4 page to collect this date if it was not provided when the Employee was invited, or if the Employee did not complete an I-9 first.

Updated the Timecard PDFs to always show Day Types. All Timecard PDFs now show the Day Type column, even if the same day type was used on all days. Updated the Payment Settings Banner to improve its visibility. After a user adds a bank account in Payment Settings, they have to select that account as their payment method. The banner reminds users of this step has been updated from blue to yellow in an effort to solve a recurring usability issue.
Timecards containing multiple unions must now be split for payroll processing. Logic has been added to require a split when a Timecard contains multiple unions.

Added guidance for users setting up Tokenized Bank Accounts (Chase Bank). Chase Bank accounts added via Plaid are Tokenized (the physical account number is replaced by a unique account number), resulting in confusion when employees review payment settings information or upon receiving pay stubs. This enhancement adds warning banners and a column to the Payment Settings page's Bank Accounts grid in order to resolve this usability issue.

Updated requirements for Pay Item and Fringe Coding Setups. The 'Coding Mapping' field on the Timesheet Items and Union Fringes page is now editable, even if the user accesses these pages from projects where the Default Employee Position Coding is turned off. The field is
required to save these pages in an effort to prevent Accounting Import coding issues.

Updated the Accounting Import Coding logic when Default Employee Position Coding is enabled. In a situation where coding has not been provided on the Default Employee Position Grid for a specific Fringe Breakout Row, the Accounting Import now uses the coding provided on the Fringe Row of the same Expense Type section. This enhancement allows users with minimal coding to comprehensively code the accounting import with less up-front setup.

Fixed a bug on the Default Employee Position Coding Grid Excel Export. Excel Exports no longer shows a '-1' value in empty cells.


Systems & Security

Fixed the Notifications in the Left Navigation, as it was not showing the correct number of notifications. The notifications in the left navigation needed to display the correct quantity, and there was a mismatch between the numbers in the left navigation notifications and documents pending in the grid.

Fixed the Keyboard Navigation, when the user writes over a numeric field where it is not in editable mode. When the user was in edit mode and tried to change the numeric value, the number resets and does not keep the value entered.

Fix the keyboard navigation in Timecards, as the focus was lost when the Work Location was changed. When the user was navigating the timecards grid with the Keyboard, once selected the Work Location and moved to the next cell, the focus was lost, now the user is able to navigate in the grid and move fluently.