Deployment v87.0 01/09/2023

New Features
Purchase Orders Amendments. This new functionality will allow users to make changes on a Committed Purchase Order. After amending a Purchase Order a new approval flow begins, the amended versions can be found in the final PDF and the user will also be allowed to navigate between the original and the amended version through the forms.

New payment file for City National Bank called 'EASI Link'. This is a new technology available for City National Bank. The functionality is under a Project Setting.

AWS Secrets Manager Integration (Part 1 - Code). This project removed all those secret settings from the web.config of the application to prevent someone external from gaining access to them if the web servers get compromised. As part of this effort, the ConfigurationService got refactored, and many parts of the application that were not
using the ConfigurationService had to be changed to use it.

Notification Center. The Notification Panel has an enhancement in the UI/UX, displaying the information in a format where the users are able to have more clarity of each notification, and we create a brand new section the notification center where the user has all the notifications grouped by entity and sorted by date.

Multi Factor Authentication Log. This is a logging solution that will keep a record of activities in the app that involves the MFA Security Check. To provide a way to audit user activity related to their MFA Security check changes.

Fixed bugs causing duplicated Payment Numbers in Bill Payments.There was a bug causing duplicate Payment Numbers after grouping the payments when the Payment Type was Wire or Generate Payment File.

Renamed the Tax Credits feature in the left navigation. Tax Credits' was renamed to 'Tax Credit Summaries' to better exemplify the feature's importance.

Fixed bug causing the detail line to disappear in transaction forms. There was a bug that made the Detail line disappear after selecting a Currency inside the transaction forms.

Fixed bug not allowing the user to create Purchase Orders with Import Storage lines.
A 'Incorrect or missing value on Purchase Itemization Row 1 - id' error message was displayed previously when trying to Submit a Purchase Order if it had an Import Storage detail.

Improved the Bills grid inside Bill Payments. A row counter and pagination was added to the Bills grid to improve the visibility and navigation in this grid.

Fixed bug not showing the Reports after finalizing a Bank Reconciliation. After finalizing a Bank Reconciliation the reports will show under the Reports column and also in Accounting

Fixed the advanced filters inside the Tax Credit Summary grid. The advanced filters were not working correctly.

Improved the Tax Credit filters inside Accounting Reports. The Tax Credit codes can now be filtered by Range too.

Improved the performance of the Vendors feature. Two enhancements were made on the Vendors form to improve the stability of the feature.

Improved the Delete Vendor functionality. The Delete Vendor action was taking a long time.


Client Solutions
Added an action to regenerate Start Work Packets. It is now possible for internal users to regenerate all the documents contained in a Start Work packet with a single action.

Added Email Notifications for automated scale rate updates Projects that use the automated scale rate update feature (AKA 'Pay at Scale') can now be notified by email when a rate update affects employees in the project.

Fixed ‘Save’ button in ‘Manage Divisions’. When a user wanted to make a change and save the division changes, the user was not able to do it, because the Save button was hidden, now the users are able to change and save the changes made in the divisions

Added 2 new columns in the ‘Production Dashboard’. 2 new columns were added to the Production Dashboard grid, so the user can determine when a project was created and which group they belong to.

Fixed an issue in the CNB ACH File. The Company Entry Description inside the City National Bank ACH File was changed from 'PAYROLL' to 'ACCOUNTING'.

Added a 'Re-send remittance Email to Vendor(s)' Action in Bill Payments. This new action allows sending the remittance email to Vendors after the Bill Payment has been downloaded.

Added an 'Accounting Project ID' column to the Production Dashboard. The Accounting Project ID was previously located only in GSA. Now this information is going to be available in GSW too in the Production Dashboard.

Added a validation that prohibits Material Changes on the Studio Download Journal Entries outside of a DC. An imported journal permitted modification of the amount or account, the detail lines amount, associated PO and add new detail lines. Now, an imported journal does not permit the modification of the amount or account, the detail lines amount, associated PO and add new detail lines. This is only for imported lines for JE.

Fixed a support issue when Vendor is 'Foreign' Entity ID should be sent to SAP in place of Tax ID. When the vendor form was ‘foreign’ the Tax ID was sent and now we send the Entity ID(all these are fields of the vendor form).

Global Components
System Emails - Fixed a bug causing emails to be sent multiple times. With this fix, system emails are now being sent only once as expected.

Added an editable 'Week Ending' field to the Digital Timecard. Users can now update their timecard's week ending date after creating it. This feature is limited to the Hours Timecard. Grossers who wish to update a week ending need to reject the Timecard to the Hours approver.

Added an action to approve all timecards contained in a batch.
A new button has been added to the Batch detail page, allowing users to approve all timecards contained in the batch, provided they are the current approver for each document.

Removed the Sub-Account field from the Codes panel of the Digital Timecard.
The field to override Sub-Account codes on the Digital TImecard has been removed. Given that each Account code can call for a different set of Sub-Accounts, it was decided to remove this field in order to prevent validation errors. Sub-Accounts are still defaulted from the employee's start form or based on the project setup.

Improved the Tax Form prompts when submitting a Digital Timecard. Employees who are missing a Tax Form when submitting a Timecard are now taken directly to the W4 modal.
Each panel on the modal displays along with a banner telling the user why the form is required, whether it's due to a change in permanent address, new work location, a form submitted on paper, or a more niche scenario.

Added a check to prevent unwanted additional withholdings.

Employees who submit Tax Forms are now prompted to confirm their additional withholdings if the amount entered in the field exceeds $500. This validation currently applies to the New York, California, and Georgia Tax Withholding Forms, and will be expended to more states over time.

Added new columns to the Employee Positions grid to track Box Rentals. The Box Rental Rate and Box Rental Type of each Digital Start Form is now visible on the Employee Positions
grid, making it easy to see at a glance the list of employees with budgeted allowances.

Added a Log for the Default Employee Position Coding feature. Internal users can now view the history of changes made to an Employee Position's coding.

Enhanced information security on Digital Start Work grid. Users with a W-9 form will no longer appear by default on the W-9 grid when added to a project. The record now
only shows if the user creates a Loan Out Start Work Packet.

Restricted Social Security Number to the last 4 digits on the PDF Start Form. PDFs generated from Digital Start Forms only show the last 4 digits of the employee's Social Security Number
to prevent information security issues when these files are moved to offline storage by a project administrator.

Added a Custom Form field to map a document signer's name. Custom Forms can now be set up to pull any of the document's signers' name and place it on the form, separate from the signature block, preventing users from having to type their name in additional fields.