Deployment v84.0 10/07/2022


Improved the Bank Account Form when JP Morgan is selected as the Bank. A 'Prefix' field was added to the form. The value entered in the field will then be used in the name of the
downloaded Positive Pay file. This is not required for other banks.

Added an Import ID to PEX Transactions in the Import Storage. This unique identifier will only be visible in the database and it will improve the PEX process by identifying
transactions when needed.

Improved the Vendors Processes. A method was transferred from the NetflixController to a Query to improve the maintainability and stability of the feature.

Added new Columns to the Vendors grid. 15 new columns were added to the grid. These columns will be used in the Logi reports.

Removed Chrome Alert when removing the 3rd Party Vendor in the transactions form.
The 'Your changes to this form will be lost!' alert was removed because it was confusing to the users.

Added ability to move all Accounting Transactions into a new Division.
This functionality was previously available only for Purchase Orders, Start Work and Timecards. Now it is also available in all the Accounting Transactions.

Improved the Bill Payments PDF. The Date in the PDF now reflects the Transaction instead of the Effective Date. All the transaction PDFs also show the Transaction Date.

Fixed an error in Cost Report 2.0. The drill down on the General Ledger from the Account was not working correctly.

Improved the Distribution Changes bulk Actions. 'Download PDF' can now be found as a bulk Action in Distribution Changes.

Improved Purchase Orders. A series of improvements were implemented on the Amazon Purchase Order Modal. This is to improve the maintainability and stability of the app.

Removed the 'N/R - No 1099 Required' showing up in Checks for Vendors that did not require 1099. This information was not required and it was removed from the Checks.

Fixed an Error caused when running a Trial Balance Report. There was an error when a Currency was selected before running the Trial Balance Report.

Fixed an Error in the Trial Balance Report for multicurrency Projects. This error was related to the Currency issue too. It was affecting multicurrency projects too.

Fixed Error in the Post Payroll Preview CSV file. An error was causing the Episode Codes not to show in the CSV format of the Preview Report.

Fixed Errors in the 1099 Report. The 1099 Reports were missing some Vendors.

Fixed Error not showing inactive Projects in Corporate Reports. There was an issue stopping the Reports from showing the inactive Projects in the Excel format.


Added logic to retrieve the Production City rate on eligible Digital Start Forms.
Based on Jurisdiction settings, Start Forms now retrieve the Production City Rate for a position. Future enhancements will allow users to retrieve this rate on demand.

Updated the Individual Start Work Packet's 'Loan Out' tab. Start Work admins can now use the Start Work Packet's Loan Out tab to see whether the employee has an
existing Loan Out Company or Loan Out packets. This usability enhancement also prevents an issue where a Start Work Admin would attempt to create a Loan Out Company on behalf of the Employee.

Fixed a bug affecting Tooltip visibility on Custom Form fields. This fix corrects both traditional fields and radio button tooltips.

Added 'Pending' Watermark to all unapproved Custom Forms included in a Start Packet.
All pages of an unapproved Custom Form are now watermarked as 'Pending' instead of just the Start Form they are attached to.

Updated the Digital Timecard's Position panel. With the exception of the 'Deal' column, the Position panel now retrieves its data from the Core Employee Position page. This enhancement will prevent the position panel from being blank or displaying outdated position details. In addition, the 'Agent Fee' column has been hidden from external users.

Fixed a bug on the Employee Payroll History grid. Employees without a 'user' will now show properly on the Employee Payroll History grid.

Improved the 'Regenerate' Action for Digital Start Work. Refactored the Regenerate Action's code to improve its stability and remove usability issues.

Updated Residual projects logic to prevent Direct Deposit payment settings. Employees added to a Residual project will be set to 'Check' automatically, even if their payment settings are set to 'Direct Deposit' in the original project.

Fixed a bug affecting the count of days on the Core Timesheet. The 'Days Worked' field now accurately counts worked days.

Performance & Stability

Employee Positions Grid Refactor. This refactor improved the performance of the Employee Positions grid.