Deployment v82.0 08/09/2022

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Release 82.0 comes with new features such as the Default Employee Position Coding Grid, Chart of Accounts Synchronization and Protected Periods. It also comes with a lot of bug fixes and general improvements.

New Features

  • Default Employee Position Coding Grid

Employee Positions can now be coded to a much greater extent. This features allows internal users to specify coding default with that are used when creating Digital Timecards, Core Timesheets, and when generating the Accounting Import. This feature is planned to be made available to external users with release 84.0 (September 2022).

  • Chart of Accounts Synchronization. 

This is a new feature that will allow synchronizing the account number, name, type, and category from projects within the same company. Anytime a new account is added or modified it is updated in all the projects that have Syncing enabled.

  • Protected Periods.

This new feature will allow accountants and users to activate a warning about a protected date range. The protected date range represents a period that will be closed soon. 


  • Fixed error in GSA with the replica disconnecting while running the GSA reporting tool.

Previously if the replica was disconnected it created an additional connection in the main database, with this fix if it is disconnected for some reason the replica connection will be restored instead.

  • Fixed error for Vendors with CASHet enabled in projects collecting only the Mailing Address.

Users will be able to submit a Vendor when the project collects the Mailing Address only and CASHet is enabled for that Vendor.

  • Fixed error in the Corporate Detail Trial Balance report.

Previously the Location code filter was not working correctly in the report, instead all the Location codes were displayed. Now only the Location codes selected will be shown in the report when the Location filter is used.

  • Enhanced the Detail Trial Balance report.

Two additional Ending Balance columns were added for the Payroll and Other Expenses.

  • Fixed error when trying to merge Global Employees.

This was an isolated case in which the 'Merge Employee' action was not working.

  • Enhanced the PDF from Checks.

The PDF now includes any Files added inside the Check grid.

  • Improved the Accounting Reports time in GSW.

The Date and Time inside the PDF from any report will have the user's local time zone instead of using EST for everyone.

  • Improved the Accounting Reports time in GSA.

The Date and Time inside the PDF from any report will have the user's local time zone.

  • Added the 'Attach PO' button inside PCard Envelopes when Auto Reconciliation is off.

This button was not visible before, now it will be enabled only in projects with the Auto Reconciliation setting off.

  • Fixed error preventing the users from approving a Bill Payment if their signature was missing.

Previously nothing was happening when the Bill Payment approver was missing the signature, now we display the signature modal in this scenario, that is how the other transactions work.

  • Fixed error in the 'Add Details' modal inside Distribution Changes.

There was an error preventing users from adding new detail lines if they had a PO attached. These lines can now be added without errors.

  • Fixed error reverting the Advance Amount to zero after the Petty Cash transaction is voided.

If a Petty Cash transaction is voided, the Advance Amount will not be changed to zero, it will continue having its original value.

  • Enhanced the 'Associated Transactions' Action in Checks.

Previously this action opened a modal that was only showing the Check, now the same modal will also show transactions paid by the Check. In the same way, if the 'Associated Transactions' action is clicked from the Bills or Petty Cash grid, the Check that paid for the transaction will also be displayed in the modal.

  • Fixed bug causing the Company Vendors being copied with the wrong Tax Entity into the project level.

Previously Company Vendors with Tax IDs were copied into the Project side with SSN, now they will be copied with the correct Tax ID.

  • Fixed bug causing the 'Is Paid' column to disappear in the Bills grid.

The 'Is Paid' column can be found again inside the Bills grid.

  • Improved the order of columns in the grids and forms for transactions and Purchase Orders.

For projects with Location or Episode codes enabled this column will be after the Account column. Previously it was at the far right of the grids and the users had to scroll in order to access this information.

  • Improved the Petty Cash grid.

The 'Reimburse by' option inside the Petty Cash form is now defaulted to 'Check' instead of the previous 'Cash'.

  • Improved the Clone function in Check Requests.

Previously when a Check Request was cloned the approval steps assigned belonged to Bills, now the corresponding approval steps from Check Requests are used after cloning.

  • Improved the Tax Credit code filters inside Accounting Reports.

All' and 'Specific' were added as filters for Tax Credit codes inside the Accounting Reports forms.

  • Added validations in Bill Payments for projects with Location or Episode codes required.

If the Location or Episode code is required in a project it will also be required when creating a Bill Payment. It will not be required if the code is just enabled or used as budget code.

  • Fixed issue with Post Payroll Preview reports.

Fixed an issue stopping some users from seeing the Preview report in the Accounting Reports grid while it was generating.

  • Improved the Import Storage used in Petty Cash and PCard Envelopes in projects with Set Codes enabled.

If there is only one Set Code available in the Import Storage lines, that code will be defaulted in the detail lines.

  • Created a new report with Budget breakouts by project on a consolidated basis.

This new report can be found under Accounting Reports.

  • Enhanced the bulk edit function for Paper transactions.

Previously the transactions with Paper approval were not editable during bulk edit mode. Now those transactions can be edited like any other Completed transaction.

  • Added an error message if a user tries to Post a transaction with a deleted Vendor.

The app does not allow deleting a Vendor if it has associated transactions, however if a user requests to get a Vendor deleted it can be done through a database script. A message was added to transactions when the user tries to Post and the Vendor is deleted.

  • Improved the code dropdowns for multi currency projects.

The Location and Episode code dropdowns inside the Details panel in a transaction are filtered by the Currency selected in the Summary panel.

  • Improved the adding Employees as Vendors function.

There was a bug adding blank spaces to some fields after adding an Employee as a Vendor, this issue has been resolved.

  • Improved the Bill Payments form.

A row counter and paging were added to the bottom of the Bills grid in the Bill Payments form.

  • Improved the Close action in Purchase Orders.

A confirmation modal was added when the Close Date is set more than 7 days in the future. This action will continue being allowed, we are just preventing the users before they decide to do it.

  • Fixed issue showing 'DIGITAL DIGITAL' in the 'Posted By' column.

The 'Posted By' column in the transactions grids will now show 'DIGITAL' instead of 'DIGITAL DIGITAL'.

  • Added a validation for Accounts with associated transactions.

A new validation was added to stop users from making an Account inactive if it has any associated transactions or Purchase Orders.

  • Added an error message if a user tries to Post a transaction with a disabled Vendor.

The Vendors can be disabled from the Vendor form, if a user tries to Post a transaction with a disabled Vendor they will receive a clear error message.

  • Fixed the 'Browse PO items' Action inside Cost Report for projects without Set Codes.

The Action now opens the correct modal with any Purchase Orders associated to the Account. Previously an error on the console was stopping this action.

  • Removed the '1099/T4A' column in the Checks form.

This column was removed to prevent error, the 1099/T4A codes are selected in the Bills form.

  • Fixed bug in the Split Action inside Distribution Changes.

Previously when 'Show Details' was unchecked the Split Action was not working.

  • Improved the bulk edit on grids in projects using Set Codes.

The Set Code dropdown will show the code and the description, previously it only showed the code.

  • Fixed error requiring the Phone Number after adding a Company Vendor to the Project level.

If a Company Vendor doesn't have the Phone Number it will not be required after adding that Vendor to the Project level.

  • Enhanced the grab clipboard template for transactions.

Now the Vendor Code or Payee Name can be added in the Third Party Vendor column when using the templates and the Paste functionality.

Client Solutions

  • Adjustments needed to the Emshee Report data export.

  • Added timecard work location's City and State.

  • Updated Employee name needs to be ‘First’  ‘Last’ or ‘Loan Out Name’.

  • Special characters are no longer allowed.

  • Changed the ‘Payroll Account’ field to not required.

  • Post Payroll - Changed Payroll descriptions to be all uppercase.

This has been updated so that all generated descriptions are all uppercase. 

  • [Paramount] Added a checkbox to approve auto-sending Project Flat Files through SFTP.

Speed the process up on Paramount's Integration.

  • [Kinetic] Added Diversity Report to Employee Position Page.

Kinetics used to request this report via app-support, now they can generate it themselves.

Performance & Stability

  • Removed MFA passcode from requests logs.

For security reasons, the MFA passcode has been removed from the requests logs.

  • Ajax Refactor - Accounting Reports

The new Ajax is available starting on this release. We will be using it on Accounting Reports first, and will be enabling it to other areas gradually.

  • Improvements in HotSpots (CQRS).

Updates to improve code maintainability and performance.

  • Remove Feature Flag: 1099 Refactor.

We removed the old code and the feature flag for the 1099s.