Deployment v81.0 07/15/2022

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Version 81.0 includes long-awaited new features like Fringe Breakout Clearing Accounts, as well as speed-enhancing additions to the Digital Start Work and Payroll History grids.

New Features

  • Cost Report 2.0.

This new version of the Cost Report feature allows the users to group by different columns and make episodic budget changes. This will be especially useful for projects with Location or Episode Codes used as their Budget Codes. 

  • Fringe Breakout Clearing Accounts.

This is a new ability to map specific fringe activity to specific cost lines. Before this change, all the fringe activity was mapped to one PR Clearing account. In order to allow this the Acct LC, FC, and AC need to be defined in GSA. 


  • Fixed a bug causing a mismatch between the grid and the exported worksheet in the Cost Report.

The amounts from the exported worksheets and the amount in the Cost Report grid reflect the same values.

  • Fixed error editing the Cost Report.

The users will be allowed to edit the Cost Report on X date after deleting the changes in the database, they will no longer receive an error that stops them from editing.

  • Fixed bug causing Employees showing in the Vendor dropdown.

When assigning a Vendor to a PC or CP Account only Vendors will show in the dropdown.

  • Improved the auto creation process for PC Accounts.

We fixed a bug that was not allowing the users to save Vendors with auto created PC Accounts when the PC Accounts start with letters.

  • Enhanced the 'Rerun' Action for Accounting Reports.

When rerunning a report the 'Period' filter will remain the same way as when the report was originally run, previously this filter was defaulted instead of using the same filter again. Also, fixed a 'No records to print' error when rerunning a report and changing some filters or the File Name.

  • Fixed error causing problems in PDFs that had an '&' in the Notes.

The users will be able to successfully view and download PDFs with '&' in the Notes section.

  • Fixed error affecting the Company name in PDFs.

When the Company name has an apostrophe the name will reflect correctly in the PDFs, instead of showing '.

  • Updated subtitle in the Purchase Order's Details panel when the PO Refactor is on.

The subtitle says 'The maximum number of detail lines is 2000' instead of 200.

  • Enhanced the 'Add Purchase Orders' modal.

Only Purchase Orders in the same Currency as the transaction will show in the modal.

  • Fixed error stopping users from cloning Journal Entries.

The users will no longer get an error message after saving a cloned JE.

  • Fixed 'Close PO' checkbox in Journal Entries with Draft status.

The 'Close PO' checkbox will have the same rules when a Purchase Order is attached after saving a Journal Entry as a Draft.

  • Fixed bug causing blank PR Batches.

This was an edge case in which the Vendor Employee was not receiving the SSN from the Employee correctly.

  • Fixed bug showing posted batches in the Unposted tab.

Added more validations to ensure that only the postable batches are listed inthe Unposted tab inside All or Internal Batches.

  • Fixed bug causing a timeout when trying to view the Check Copies.

A timeout was caused when trying to view large Check Copies PDFs, in order to prevent this the Check Copies are now sent to My Downloads and the Action was renamed to 'Download PDF' to follow our naming convention.

  • Improved 'View PDF' option in Checks after adding an Attachment to the form.

The users will be able to access the Check's PDF after adding an attachment inside the form, previously an XML error was caused in this scenario.

  • Improved error with Bill Payments stuck in 'Generating'.

If a Bill Payment has an error the status will show 'Error' instead of being stuck in 'Generating'.

  • Enhanced filtering in the Distribution Changes grid.

Fixed some scenarios in which not all the available Distribution Changes were showing in the grid.


    • Added the ability to Batch Download Digital Start Work Packets PDFs.

    A batch action has been added to the Digital Start Work grid, allowing users to delete Start Work Packet PDFs in bulk.

    • Added a Loan Out Company column to the Payroll History grid.

    This enhancement is designed to speed up internal operations.

    • Added Days Worked, Taxable Gross and Termination Date to the Payroll History grid.

    This enhancement is designed to speed up internal operations.

    • Canadian Projects - Added a 'Set Needs Attention Flag' Action to the Employees page.

    It is now possible to manually set this flag on any project employee when in a Canadian Project.

    • Enhanced the Digital Start Form's Overtime Type User Interface.

    Overtime Type is now selected via a dropdown menu on the Digital Start Form. In addition, new logic has been added to improve the user experience when creating Deals.

    • Fixed a bug preventing the View W-9 PDF action to show properly.

    The action has been restored on the Digital Start Work grid, the Loan Out Companies grid, and the Loan Out Company page.