Deployment v80.0 06/13/2022

In our latest release, you'll find new industry-leading in-app support features, and added flexibility with accounting and payroll options to save you time and better fit your production's unique needs. 

New Features

- Added in-app live tutorials to guide new users step by step when making an offer to an employee, setting up direct deposit, and submitting a timecard.  We also added new informational tooltips.


- Vendors with CASHétPay enabled can now save vendor forms with any tax entity: SSN, SIN, Tax ID or Entity ID.

- When a bill payment is submitted and approved, all of the vendors included in the bill payment will now receive a confirmation email.

- Users can now select a ‘Close Date’ from a modal when closing a purchase order. 

- Positive pay and ACH files are now supported for Wells Fargo. 

- Performance enhancements have been made to the bulk edit feature in the Cost Report.


- Added ‘Preliminary Invoice Amount’ and ‘Final Invoice Amount’ columns to the ‘All Batches’ grid as well as an ‘Invoice Match’ column which indicates whether the invoices match.

- Implemented an optimization on the ‘All Batches’ grid to improve page load times.


This release also included various fixes to reported issues and security enhancements.