Deployment v79.0 05/16/2022

New Features

  • Approval Flows Configuration - Change History.

Change History has been added to Approval Flows configurations. Now, changes made to the approval flow are logged. This now allows us to audit what changes are made, who did them and when.

  • Okta SSO.
    For all Vice users, we implemented the Okta single sign on, so their employees are able to log in with Okta. Within our login process, we added a new button with this option, where the user is lead to the okta authentication process and the proceeds to GSW.


  • Improved the detail line limit in ‘Purchase Orders’.

Purchase Orders now support 2000 detail lines. Previous detail limit was 200 lines.

  • Added the ability to Link POs in ‘Distribution Changes’.

'Link PO' was added to the Actions dropdown on the Distribution Changes form. Also the 'Close PO' and '3rd Party Vendor' columns were added to the form's Details grid. The 'Link PO' action has the same functionality as in other transaction forms.

  • Created a new Project Setting ‘Consolidate Payroll Fringe’.

When the new Project Setting is enabled the PR transaction generated from Post Payroll will group the Fringe lines into a single line when the codes, and Item Name for each row is the same. This project setting will be enabled by default in new projects.

  • Fixed possibility to have ‘Set Code’ mismatches in the Transaction's Accounts.

If an Account and a Set Code is selected in the transaction's Detail grid and then a different Account without Set Codes is selected the Set field is cleaned.

  • Fixed error in the ‘Vendor’ form.

The Vendor form was not loading when accessed.

  • Enhanced the experience of adding an Employee as a Vendor.

After an Employee is added as a Vendor the Payee Name corresponds to the First Name + Last Name. Previously the Payee Name only included the Last Name.

  • Fixed error happening while in edit mode on ‘Checks’.

When a Check was edited the 3rd Party Vendor was changed even if it wasn't edited. Now the changes on edit mode should not affect the 3rd Party Vendor column, unless it is edited.

  • Fixed issue causing the ‘Post Payroll by Account (Preview)’ report not generating.

When posting to another project and the Cross Project Reporting is active the Post Payroll by Account (Preview) Report will be generated.

  • Fixed the ‘Vendor Payee’ column inside the ‘Journal Entries’ form.

The changes made while in edit mode on the Vendor Payee column will be saved correctly.

  • Enhanced the speed for two Vendor reports generating process.

The 'Short Report - Summary Vendor Report' and 'Short Report - Name Sort with YTD (Cross Projects)' from Accounting Reports take less time to generate.

  • Fixed the ‘Undo’ action in ‘Bank Reconciliations’.

It wasn't working properly before.

Client Solutions

  • Transactions - Added totals at the bottom of all grids.

Bills, Petty Cash, PCards and Journal Entries now benefit from having a 'Totals' row at the bottom of the grid.

  • Transactions - 'Division' now auto-populates with the division on the purchase order.

If a division hasn't been selected, the system picks up the division of the first purchase order that is added to the transaction.It can still be modified by the user before saving.

  • Bill Payments - Added ‘Location’ and ‘Episode’ dropdowns.

These new dropdowns are displayed if location or episode is required for budgeting.

  • Bill Payments - Added ‘Company Code’ dropdown.

  • Tax Credits- Filtered view of the General Ledger by Tax Credit Code now works correctly.

Before this fix, the grid was always displaying empty,

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the reports from opening in Tax Credits.

  • Bank Accounts - ‘Bank Code’ is now editable.

This field was uneditable before. It can now be edited before the Bank Account has been saved.

  • Enhanced the 'Custom Form Setup' grid.

Added a lot of functionality to the custom form setup grid in order to help the support team better manage and set up custom forms on large productions.

  • Created a new Timecard Final PDF.

  • Digital Timecard - Added 'Duplicate' action to Other Earnings Grid.

  • Added data filtering to the 'scaleUpdateEmployeePositions' endpoint.

  • Paramount TV Export - Added 'Default Offset Line Episode Code' field.

This was added on the Paramount Integration setup page.

  • Paramount Export - Updated file generation logic.

The old logic was checking for when the files were last sent when generating a new one. Now the logic checks the creation date of the last generated files.

  • Added the ability to make a user a division admin upon inviting.

  • Transactions - Added totals at the bottom of all grids.

Bills, Petty Cash, PCards and Journal Entries now benefit from having a 'Totals' row at the bottom of the grid.

  • Added role name on 'Permissions' and 'Assignable Role' screens.
    On the 'Assignable Roles' and 'Permissions' screens we added a dash followed by the role name that the permissions / assignable roles pertain to.

  • NF: Payroll Labor Report now includes all unions per employee.
    For all Netflix enabled projects, the PR Labor file was previously duplicating the employee by adding a line for every union. This issue has been fixed so that there is one line per employee, per position, per union with the earnings broken out reflective of each position.

  • Manage Trainings - Added ‘Bulk Download’ action.

Added the ability to download Training Certificates in bulk. When you select multiple people from the grid (by filling the checkboxes) the action button will now enable you to download all their training certificates in PDF format.


Digital Payroll

  • Timecard - Improved ‘Copy From’ feature.
    ‘Copy From’ is now correctly handling situations where a ‘Location’ or ‘Position’ is no longer available to copy.

  • Timecard - Splitted days are now more discernible.

Splitted days no longer carry the original row's date in an effort to improve the overall visibility of the Hours and Grossing panels.

  • Timecard - Overtime Multipliers are now properly displayed in the ‘Totals’ panel.

The Totals panel of the Timecard now displays the 3.5x through 6x overtime multipliers.

  • Timecard - ‘Meal Penalties’ are properly summed for Holiday Day Types.

Fixed a bug causing Meal Penalties for ‘Holiday’ Day types to be included in the wrong line item

  • Start Work - Added ‘Export’ action to the ‘Custom Forms’ grid.

Users can now export a report of the Custom Forms grid.

  • Start Work - Improved the ‘Loan Out Start Packets’ page's usability.

Links in the Loan Out Start Packets grid are now more intuitive.

  • Loan Out DSW - Loan Out Companies created via paper are now Activated.

'Fixed a bug where a Loan Out Company could be created as Deactivated.

  • Loan Out DSW - Fixed User Merging.

Users with Loan Out Companies who are merged now retain their Loan Out Company in all cases.

  • Custom Forms - Added validation to the ‘Amount’ field type.

The Amount field type now accepts a maximum of 4 decimal points, and does not round. The formatting rules match what is applied to pay rates in general.

Performance & Stability

  • Improved performance of 'Purchase Orders' grid queries.

The code changes needed for the improvements in the PO’s queries are now in place.

Systems & Security

  • Bulk Edit - Refactored the ‘Bulk Cancel’ action.
    Refactored the BulkUndo action of the BulkEdit in order to have a more clean, robust, and fast architecture that improves the performance and stability of the feature.

  • Enforced security on SQLI.

This fix enforced the security in order to prevent SQL injection attacks.

  • Divisions - Org Chart: Fixed a bug that caused the text in the boxes to overflow.

In the ‘Divisions’ chart section, when the name of a division was too big, it drop down the text box and generated a layout issue; now the text box expands according to the length of the text.