Deployment v78.0 04/19/2022

New Features

  • [Performance & Stability] Migrated PO Grids to Dapper. 

Dapper is our new standard for grids and we’re now using it in the ‘Purchase Orders’ grid. This change reflects improved performance when running queries on the DB.


  • Fixed the ‘Vendor Name’ filter inside the Import Storage grid.

This filter was not working previously. 

  • Enhanced Void And Reissue function inside PCard Envelopes.

The Envelope Total Amount field reflects the Envelope’s original Amount.

Fixed error causing the Journal Entries’ Account being changed after editing any field inside the form. 


  • Fixed Bill Payment PDFs showing the wrong Vendor Name.

The Vendor Name inside Bill Payments PDFs reflects the Project’s Vendor Name. 


Client Solutions

  • Approval Flows: Added validations to the first step to prevent Division specific rules.

We added a validation check when adding approvers to an approval step. If the step is the first one of an approval flow, it will disable the 'Must be completed by Division Admin' checkbox. 


  • Alphabetized Division Names in Divisions dropdown menus.

Applied the alphabetized to all division DDs in the system.


  • Global: Standardized date formats in grid lists. 

Standardized the date format to mm/dd/yyyy.


  • Global: dropdowns can now be set back to no selection.

Dropdowns now have the '--' option, so users can set back to the '--' state if needed.


  • $0 Bill Payments now show in the ‘Bill Payments’ grid.

Previously, they wouldn’t show in the ‘Bill Payments’ grid, and the respective checks would remain frozen in the ‘Pending Approval’ state. 

  • PR Final Invoice PDF now shows in PR Bill in the GL. 

Previously this invoice was only visible in the ‘All Batches’ page. Now users can view it when clicking on ‘View PDF’ in the GL. 

  • Added filtering and sorting to columns in the 'Roles' grid. 

This applies to the  ‘# of Users’, ‘Permissions’ and ‘Assignable Roles’ columns. 

  • Added ‘Export’ functionality to ‘Roles’ Grid.

This grid can now be exported to PDF or Excel file format. As a bonus, the user can now select ‘Compact’ and ‘Comfortable’ grid styles, as in other grids.

  • Users added from the back end are now showing up in the ‘Project Users’ Grid.

  • Enabled MFA for all users who had it disabled.

MFA is now enforced for all users. 

  • Enabled MFA by default on user creation.

Any new users created now have MFA enabled by default. 



Digital Payroll

  • Added the ability to copy a Start Form.

Users can now create a new Start Form using an employee’s existing deal as a template.

  • Added Auto-Coding for Other Earnings Fringe Codes.

The Labor Fringe Account on the Employee's deal will now be applied to the Digital Timecard's Other Earnings by default.

  • Added the Exempt Status to the W-4.

Employees can now submit a W-4 as Exempt if they meet the criteria.

  • Updated the Employee's page 'Type' Column.

The Type column will now reflect the employee's proper status for both U.S. and Canadian productions (Individual, Loan-Out, Independent Contractor, Non-Resident.)

  • Fixed a bug affecting Other Earnings.

Other Earnings on the Digital Timecard will now save properly regardless of the Timecard's Approval Flow status.

  • Added a Feature Flag for the Loan Out Digital Start Work feature.

This flag allows us to turn on the Loan Out DSW feature for specific projects with ease.

  • Improved the user experience for new Loan-Out Employees.

We have added a button to create a Loan-Out Start Packet from the Loan Out Company page.

  • Improved Digital Start Work tracking for Loan-Out Employees.

The Digital Start Work grid will now show dashes in the W4 and State Withholding columns instead of 'No'.

  • Fixed a bug to prevent Loan-Out employees from submitting Labor Law Forms.

Loan-Out employees will no longer see a prompt to submit California or New York Labor Law Forms when submitting their first timecard.

  • Fixed a bug on the Digital Start Work page’s 'Incomplete' tab.

The tab will no longer show some completed Start Forms.

  • Improved the Mobile Timecard User Interface.

Mobile users can now enjoy an improved mobile experience on the Timecards page, making it easier to track submitted times week after week.


Systems & Security

  • Updated Version (Lodash).

Updated Lodash to the latest stable version.

  • Updated Version (Moment.js).

Updated Moment.js to the latest stable version.

Updated Moment.js to the latest stable version.

  • BulkEdit -Refactored ‘Restore’ action.

Refactored the BulkRestore action of the BulkEdit in order to have a more clean, robust, and fast architecture that improved the performance and stability of the feature.