Deployment v77.0 03/21/2022

Enhanced Grab Clipboard feature when pasting 200 lines. After pasting 200 lines from Grab Clipboard to Transactions or Purchase Orders, all the lines are now copied. Previously the last line was missing. 

Added a 'Show Details' checkbox in the Distribution Changes form. This checkbox will allow users to show or hide the default detail lines when creating a Distribution Change. 

Enhanced the column filters in the General Ledger when searching for Distribution Changes. Distribution Changes are now filtered correctly from the General Ledger when using the Invoice or Transaction Number. 

Fixed error causing the CP Set Code disappearing after submitting the PCard Envelope form. The Vendor’s CP Set Code is now saved in the form after submitting it. 

Added PCard Envelopes to the Vendor user’s My PCard Envelopes grid. After a PCard is submitted the Vendor is now able to see that transaction reflected in the My PCard Envelopes grid.

Enhanced Grab Clipboard to paste details from the CASHét template. Users will be able to copy the rows directly from the CASHét template and paste them into PCard Envelopes form, instead of having to copy the rows into the GSW template.

Fixed issue causing the AP Account to disappear in the Bills form after selecting a Vendor. AP Account in the Summary panel is now not cleared after selecting a Vendor. 

Fixed issue causing empty and alphanumeric CP Accounts. Auto created Prepaid Cards validate if there are any CP Accounts without an assigned Vendor, in case there isn’t one a new CP Account will be created using the numeric or alphanumeric established order. 

Removed the ability to Void a soft cleared Journal Entry. If a user tries to Void a soft cleared Journal Entry they will get an error message 'Cannot Void Cleared Transaction'.

Enabled ‘Download PDF’ Action for Paper Checks. The users will not receive an error message if they try to Download a PDF from a Paper Auto Check, for other types of Paper Checks they would not get the 'Download PDF' option.

Fixed error that was not allowing users to void Paper Checks. Users are now enabled to Void and Void and Reissue in Checks with Paper Approval. 

Fixed a bug in Bill Payment form which created $0 checks. Grouping Bills into different check groups no longer creates this issue. 

Duplicate Check No. validation is now showing for voided check numbers.

Our system was not warning the users when they were attempting to use a check no. which had already been used in a voided check no. 

Cost Report Preview Report now suppresses zeroes. Previously accounts with zero balances were shown in the report. 

Added a “Beta” label to Cost Report 2.0 in the left navigation panel. We added Cost Report 2.0 which has and will have different enhancements. The item has been   relabeled to provide more clarity to new users. 

Client Solutions

Added  'Caps Lock On' warning message on sign in page We added a warning message, below the Password field when the Caps Lock is on and applied the focus on the Password field.

Digital Payroll
Adjusted Start Form to allow the Position field to be selected before the Department. This enhancement improves the usability of the start form, allowing Start Work Admins to create deals faster.

Improved the loading time of Start Form Custom Forms. This update doesn’t affect the functionality of custom forms but significantly improves loading times for all Start Forms containing Custom Forms.

Timecards are now editable while inside a batch with a status of 'Unsent'. This update allows users who prefer to batch timecards early in the payroll process to make changes more easily.

Auto Box Rental and Auto Per Diem now set the row’s Total Amount. The original design of this feature did not include the Total Amount on purpose, so as to force users to review their box rental before submitting a timecard. However, we’ve decided to change this functionality based on user feedback.

Adjusted Start Form Box Rental and Per Diem editing permissions. Permissions previously added to control the editability of the Box Rental and Per Diem panels will now only control the panels themselves and not the Custom Forms that are tied to these panels. 

Added employee’s Loan Out Company name to the Digital Timecard’s header. This update makes it easier to distinguish whether a Timecard is for a regular or Loaned Out employee  at all steps of the approval process.

Added employee’s Loan Out Company Name to the Start Form’s header. This update makes it easier to distinguish whether a Start Form is for a regular or Loaned Out employee at all steps of the approval process.

Added Union to the Timecard’s Position panel. The Employee Position’s Union is now displayed at the top of the Digital Timecard, providing more details on the deal setup.

Updated the GreenSlate Mileage Form to the latest Federal rate. The PDF document used for paper mileage allowance submissions has been updated to read the correct 2022 mileage rate.

Fixed a bug affecting the 'Holiday Paid' Day Type Total. This day type will now calculate the correct Day Total.

Internal only Removed Labor Law form logic that checks for a Start Form. Code that is no longer used due to change in processes has been removed from the Digital Timecard.

Fixed a bug preventing Timecards from being Batched in Bulk when they are Hours Approved. Timecards are now batchable in bulk as soon as the 'Hours' approval flow is complete.

Fixed a bug affecting the Status Filter on the 'All Batches' page. The filter is now working as intended.

Fixed a bug preventing the Print Action from being available on the 'All Batches' page. The action now longer requires the user to refresh the grid in order to show in the Actions dropdown menu.

The  Rest Violation is now included in the Total Gross Amount. The Digital Timecard’s Totals Panel will now calculate its total properly, taking into account rest violations.

Performance & Stability
Improved ‘All Batches’ load time.  This is a performance improvement on the ‘All Batches’ grid.

Systems & Security
Inactive batches are no longer shown in ‘All Batches’ grid. When user was removed from a project, they were still linked to the Division, which caused the batch to appear on the ‘All Batches’ grid. Now, when a user is removed from a project, they are automatically removed from any of the project’s divisions.

Trainings - Bottom of Attachments Panel is not cut off anymore.

Vendors - Fixed alignment of buttons in mobile.

BulkEdit - BulkUndo Refactoring. Refactored the BulkUndo action of the BulkEdit in order to have a more clean, robust, and fast architecture that improves the performance and stability of the feature.

API - Updated StartWork Endpoint. Added file Security Access to the StartWork Endpoint. 

Approval Flow [Mobile] - Fixed alignment of the project drop-down. The modal is now aligned and the drop-down is no longer cut off.

Aligned text in ‘Trainings’ and other UI improvements.