Deployment v76.0 03/01/2022

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Version 76.0 continues our effort to stabilize the system and implement production permanent fixes. We’re optimizing Cost Report and Accounting exports with JSON serializations. 



  • Added ‘Care Of or DBA’ column to the Vendors grid. Now the information from ‘Care of or DBA’ from the Vendor form can be found in the grid.

  • Removed the number spinner functionality from all transactions and POs. This was allowing the users to increase or decrease any amounts with the up and down keys, sometimes even without the users knowing and causing differences in the amounts. 

  • Enhanced the Purchase Order form by adding Rate and Quantity columns to the Details grid. The Amount will equal the quantity by the rate, the quantity will default to one at the beginning of the PO creation process. The Grab Clipboard template will also include these new columns. Thess will give the users more tools while creating the Purchase Orders.

  • Improved the Debit, Credit, and Amount filters in the General Ledger. The filters were not working correctly before.

  • Added the information from the original transaction to new Distribution Changes. When creating a Distribution Change the new line copies all the information from the original transaction (Account, Amount, Description, Codes) to reduce manual inputs from the user. These fields will continue being editable.  

Client Solutions

  • Fixed a bug in Chart of Accounts (COA) that caused the  '>' symbol to change to '>' in a new account Descriptions after saving a new account.

  • [Approval Flows] Unapprove should be available for any user who is able to approve the step being unapproved. Allowed users who had the permission to complete the last approval flow step in Grossing to "edit" or "uncomplete" grossing, even if the timecard was fully grossed by a different user.

  • Changes in Paramount Integration. Added a configuration to the Paramount Export Files. Based on the ‘Project Type’, the export files will be either for ‘Theatrical’ or ‘TV’. Also,  changed a rule, so that the Check Range Prefix for PC and CP transactions is the same range on the CP or CP custodian accounts.

  • Added Account Code Prefix to the Paramount Integration Settings Page. For the Paramount Export files, the Account Code Prefix is now read from this field instead of defaulting to a fixed value. 


  • Added "Approved On" date to the Digital Start Form grid. This new column is designed for organizations with Human Resources teams that need to track when a deal was fully approved.

  • Updated the Scale Update Effective Date logic. Automated Scale Update caused by the Deal Type feature now shows the correct Scale Update Effective Date.

  • Removed the Work State dropdown from the Codes panel of the Digital Timecard. This coding dropdown has been removed to avoid causing confusion and make the Timecard coding easier.

  • Fixed the batch download action for the Timecard PDF. Using this batch action will now download the grossing Timecard PDF and show an error for Timecards pending Hours approval. A future enhancement will allow the matching PDF to be downloaded based on the Approval Flow Status.

  • Fixed the automated Copy to Core process for Loan Out Start Packets. Fixed a bug related to the user’s mailing address that prevented a proper copy to core.

  • "Show form in Employee/Loan Out Digital Start Work" selection is now a required selection on the Custom Form Setup page. In addition, the selection is now properly copied over when the entire configuration is copied.

  • Fixed an issue with the Company Setting used to default 8 hours for Exempt employees. This feature is now available again after having been rolled back a few releases ago.

  • Filtered out terminated employees from Training distribution lists. Terminated employees are no longer receiving notifications to complete trainings.

Performance & Stability

  • JSON Serialization - Accounting Reports : Fix 'model Sets' error. Fixed an error when running a Cost Report from Accounting Reports, if the JSON Serialization for Accounting Reports is on. Now that this is fixed, we will be able to turn on this optimization to the first set of friendly projects.

  • JSON Serializations - Cost Report and Accounting Export . The encoding used to send information from the browser to the server was changed to be in JSON format, which is simpler for the server to parse, and improves the response time. In this release we are applying this change to Cost Report and Accounting Export.

Systems & Security

  • Global - Changed the visual index for tooltips so that they are not covered by template elements.

  • Eco Tracker:  removed  extra margins.

  • Fixed  number misalignment in Auto Generate PO .

  • Bulk Edit - Bulk Setup Refactoring (Undo). Refactored the Bulk Undo action of the Bulk Edit in order to have a more clean, robust, and fast architecture that improves the performance and stability of the feature.

  • Conditional steps in the last step of the ‘Timecard Hours’ approval flow are now working correctly. Timecards that reach the Grossing stage were not showing as ready to review for users on the first step of the grossing approval flow. This has been fixed.

  • GL Performance Changes Changed the filter “IsPosted” so that it only searches for exact matches on the input, and not on anything that contains it. This seeks to improve performance of the page.

  • Added a validation to the endpoint of Timecards2Controller, to retrieve uploaded files only if the user has access to the Timecard.

  • Improved General Layout : Added more space between the left menu and contents on the page. Some of the sections were too close to the left menu.We added more space so that it is correctly aligned and consistent in all screen sizes.

  • Merge Users Modal - Fixed buttons styling. The pop-up confirmation window appeared cut off, some elements were not totally visible.