Deployment v75.0 02/08/2022

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Version 75.0 continues our effort to stabilize the system and implement production permanent fixes. It comes with exciting internal features, such as: updating notifications for all transaction types and the ‘Feature Flags’ management page. We’re also completing the new Deal Type feature on this release.


  • Fixed problem causing ‘Grab Clipboard’ lines being overwritten. If the ‘Summary’ fields were completed after using ‘Grab Clipboard’, the first Detail line was overwritten. Now, the ‘Summary’ fields will not overwrite the first Detail line if it already has inputs. 

  • Check Transactions - Uploaded files are now saved. The files that are uploaded to Checks are now saved properly.

  • Transaction grids’ page numbers are now calculated correctly. The page number was being miscalculated after navigating through various pages.

  • The Vendor column in all transactions grids now reflects the Vendor’s Payee Name. The Vendor Last name + Vendor Code were displayed in the Vendor column, now the Payee name is displayed instead. The Vendor Code can still be found in a separate column. 

  • Added ‘Committed Date’ as an optional column in the Purchase Orders grid. The Committed Date column can be added to the Custom Grid Views whenever the user needs this input.

  • The Set Code dropdown in Details lines added from Import Storage to Purchase Orders are now filtered by the Account. Previously when Import Storage lines were used the Set Code dropdown showed all the Set Codes, now it filters according to the Account.

  • The Payer Company Info is now auto populated inside the Print 1099s feature. The fields are completed with the data stored in the system and are still editable. 

  • When the Project Setting: "Use Vendor Set Codes" is checked, we will now hide the Vendor dropdown in the COA. Previously the COA was showing the same vendor for all set code accounts. Hiding the vendor dropdown will reduce confusion to users. 

  • Transactions are no longer voidable if they are in a Pending Bill Payment. This used to create issues with pending Bill Payments and Checks. If a user tries to Void or Void and Reissue a transaction associated with a Pending Bill Payment they will get an error message.

  • Tax Credits values can now be edited from the General Ledger. Users were not able to edit the Tax Credit codes when opening the GL from the Tax Credit grid.

  • Improved the error message in Bill Payments when the Vendor’s ACH information is incomplete. The new message will now tell the user which information is missing from the Vendor,

  • Fixed issue with Check Requests not saving the Tax Credit codes.

Previously when Import Storage detail lines were used in Check Requests the Tax Credit codes were not being saved properly in the form.  

Client Solutions

  • Netflix  Incremental File - Updated placement of ‘Reversible Asset Code’. There was a bug where this code was showing up on the ‘Memo’ field. It has been corrected so that it follows the specification.

  • ‘Add Bills’ modal - Added ‘Updated By’ and ‘Default Payment’ columns.

  • Approval Flows - 'Specific User' dropdown is now disabled by default on page-load. Prior to this change, both the 'Role’ and ‘User’ dropdowns were shown as enabled by default when loading the page. We’re changing this since these two options are mutually exclusive. 

  • ‘Start Form’ grid - Added ‘Deactivate’ as a batch action.

  • ‘Employee’ and ‘Employee Positions’ grids -  Added ‘External ID’, ‘Schedule Name’, ‘Last Check Date‘, ‘Labor Set Code’ and ‘GS Project ID’ columns.

  • Timecard Batches - Added  a warning message for split timecards. If any timecard on the batch  needs to be split, hence creating  a new timecard in the current project, a yellow banner at the top of the page is now displayed. This includes split because of multi project or multi location.

  • Emails sent to vendors when invited to the system can now be customized.


  • All Batches - Delete Batch Action. Fixed a bug preventing batches to be deleted.

  • Adjusted permissions required to access the Project Start Work page. Start Work Admins no longer show on the Employees grid but retain access to the Project Start Work page in order to review and approve documents.

  • W-4 Exempt Status can now be accepted via API. Employees created via API can now be set up as Exempt from Federal Withholdings.

  • Combined Lunch & Dinner Meal Penalties in the Timecard’s Totals Panel. Meal Penalties are now combined per position in the Totals Panel of the Digital Timecard, to be more in line with Payroll Reports and Pay Stubs. In addition, the Lunch and Dinner Meal Penalty columns now display a total in the footer of the Grossing Panel.

  • New Employees now receive a single email invite. Users who haven’t created an account only receive a general invite, instead of receiving additional email notifications for documents they are required to review.

  • Corrected a bug on the Hire State Column of Employee Positions Grid. The column now displays the proper Hire State for all Employees.

  • Added Employment Status language to the Start Form. The Affordable Care Act panel of the Start Form now displays additional information to help employers make the proper Employee Type selection. 

Performance & Stability

  • JSON Serializations - Annual Tax, Bank Account, Batches and Vendors. The encoding used to send information from the browser to the server was changed to be in JSON format, which is simpler for the server to parse, and improves the response time. In this release we are applying this change to  Annual Tax, Bank Account, Batches and Vendors. At this moment, this feature is turned off  to all users. A roll-out plan will be put in place to turn this on for users gradually.

Systems & Security

  • Purchase Orders - Fixed a bug that prevented the user to reach the FF Codes using the keyboard tab.