Deployment v74.0 01/17/2022

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Version 74.0 continues our effort to stabilize the system and implement production permanent fixes. We’re also completing the new Deal Type feature on this release.


  • Non-negotiable watermarks will no longer print on random checks.  The watermark: ‘Non-Negotiable Copy’ was previously appearing on random checks after voiding a specific one. With this change, we’re ensuring the watermark will only appear on voided checks.

  • Tax Credits are now being created even if the project name was too long. Previously,  Tax Credits would not show in GSW if the Project Name was too long.

  • Post Payroll - Duplicate lines inside the Payroll batch screen are no longer being created. Duplicate lines would sometimes be created if there were errors with the vendor. This has been corrected.

  • Updated ‘Vendor Name’ on Prepaid Cards. The Vendor Name now consists of the first 4 letters of the card holder’s last name and the last 4 digits of the card.

  • Fixed an error causing null vendors being created. Previously, if a ‘Vendor Code’ was edited, another “null” copy of the vendor was being created. This issue was fixed in this release.

  • Improved the Error Message when a user tries to Submit or Edit a Transaction with a doubled account. The "An item with the same key has already been added." message has been replaced with a clear message that will give the users an explanation of the problem in place. 

  • Improved the Error Message when a Purchase Order is missing the Effective Date inside the Details grid. Previous “A value is required.” was replaced with a clear message pointing to the issue “Please select an Effective Date.”

  • Company Vendors are now editable until the “Edit” button is clicked. In order to follow a global Vendor convention, and decrease user errors, the fields inside the Company Vendor form are now disabled until the ‘Edit’ button is clicked. A “Cancel” button was also added during Edit Mode. 

  • Payer Company Info fields inside the Print 1099 feature are now required. In order to improve the user experience and reduce ‘nulls’ inside the 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC forms.

  • Migrated important Check Stock types to GSW and made Checks Data Driven. The most used Check Stocks are now in GSW and adding new stocks from GSA to GSW doesn’t require waiting for a release. 

  • ‘Void’ and ‘Void and Reissue’ have been refactored. Development has improved the coding, this reduces bugs overtime and improves performance. 


  • Improved Error Messages. The “An error has occurred.” message has been replaced with a dynamic message that now points to the row and column triggering the error. This applies to several documents, including the Digital Timecard.

  • Updated the Check Printing App to retrieve data from the All Batches page instead of Project Batches. Users can now print checks without having to switch projects.
    Internal note: this is part of the ongoing project to retire the Project Batches page.

  • Fixed an issue preventing Approvers to be added to Custom Form Configurations 4 through 7.

  • Fixed an issue preventing Start Forms to be submitted when the “Auto-Populate Fringe Account Code” project setting was turned on.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Deductions to be removed from a Timecard when approved from the Timecard Grid.

  • Added the ability to receive Tax Credit Codes via our API. This change allows us to receive Tax Credit Codes from our partner Castifi.

  • Added the ability to configure the order of Custom Forms. The Custom From Configuration page now allows internal users to modify the form order. This order is reflected both on the Project Start Work page and on the Start Form. This change also enhances the Custom Form panel on Project Start Work to display versions in a manner that is in line with the Start Form panel.

  • New Projects are now set up with “Multi-Project Timecards” by default
    In addition to having “Multi-Location Timecards” enabled by default, this change will ensure that the “Needs splitting” tab is always visible.

Systems & Security

  • Feature Flags User Interface. Internal users now can  enable and disable feature flags in the UI, instead of having to request this to be done via DB.

  • Refactored ‘Start Forms’ and ‘Custom Forms’. Improved the speed for the generation of Custom Forms and Start Work Forms PDFs, which was taking large amounts of time and concerning for some of our users.

  • Fixed alignment and placement of buttons within alert messages. These buttons were out of the alert message box and misaligned. This misplacement has been fixed globally and now complies with our style guide.

  • Added a 'Refresh Grid' button at the top of all grids. Users were not easily discovering this action, so we added a ‘Refresh Grid’ button at the top of the grid. We also kept the one at the bottom, for those who were already used to it