Deployment v73.0 12/13/2021


  • Latest ‘Closed Date’ in the PO grid is now showing . Previously, the grid was just showing the first ‘Closed Date’. 

  • Advance detail lines in Pcards are now updating the new Reimburse Amount. Previously, after submitting, the Reimburse Amount would revert to the old amount.

  • The ‘Add Detail Lines modal’, in Distribution Changes, is now allowing to select multiple lines.

  • PCard Envelopes - Void confirmation modal is now showing when voiding the transaction from the Envelope form. 

  • Positive Pay JPM- When voiding a Check, the Positive Pay file is now being resent automatically with the Voided Check(s). Previously, users had to Void the Check, go to Bill Payments, and click on the “Regenerate Positive Pay” action. 

  • In the Vendors form, when a new Vendor is selected in the Summary panel, the 3rd Party Vendors in the Details panel are no longer overwritten.

  • Detail lines added after submitting the transaction/PO now have the Vendor's default codes and options. The default codes were not populating in new lines. 

  • When Editing vendors, we are no longer showing the error: “The SSN field is required”. This error was showing when editing other pieces of information that were not related to the Tax Information. 
  • PR Transactions - Edit rules have been corrected. The PR form did not allow editing Location Codes (when not required for budgeting), and Set Codes were editable (which should not be).

  • Checks - Void and Reissue has been fixed. When checks were voided and reissued, we were reissuing the check, instead of reissuing the Bill. 

  • Vendors  - Adding an attachment in one project, now shows in the others on the company level.

  • Bill Payments - Pay Amount no longer allows values under $0.00. But we do allow $0 checks, and higher.  

Client Solutions

  • Vendors - Removed 'Copy from Business' button in the Mailing Address panel if 'Collect Business Address' is false.

  • Added ‘Date Updated’ and ‘Updated By’ columns to all Accounting grids.

  • Updated name of Posted Item Reports to include transaction type and user who posted.  This was a request from Paramount, so that these reports are more easily searchable and sortable on the grid and when the files are downloaded.

  • Added multi-select component to Roles selection. This makes more efficient the roles’ selection for each user.

  • Log in Screen: validation messages are now displayed on input fields instead of using toaster alerts.  With this change, the validation messages are not lost anymore after a few seconds.


  • Other Earnings Coding values now properly load. This bug fix prevents coding dropdowns from having to be re-selected on the Other Earnings section of the Digital Timecard.

  • Fixed a bug with Free Codes on the Digital Timecard. Submitting on a Grossing Timecard no longer erases Free Codes.

  • Added “Production Information” fields as Custom Form mapping options. Screen Credit name, Preferred Pronouns, Shirt Size? And Dietary Preferences fields can now be added to Custom Forms.

Performance & Stability

  • JSON Serialization: Check Request. The encoding used to send information from the browser to the server was changed to be in JSON format, which is simpler for the server to parse, and improves the response time. In this release we are applying this change to Check Requests. At this moment, this feature is turned off  to all users. A roll-out plan will be put in place to turn this on for users gradually.

Systems & Security

  • Loading bar is now visible when in Impersonating Mode. The impersonation banner used to hide the loading bar. This has been fixed so that it is always visible.

  • Enhanced Timecard Hours/Grossing and Other Earnings Panel style on Mobile.

  • Standardized styling on disabled input fields. The text is now more visible for disabled fields. This look & feel has been standardized through all the app.

  • Tax Document PDF is now displayed completely and not partially.

  • Padding Reduction: Start Work Forms, POs and Transactions. This reduces vertical scrolling in the app.