Deployment v72.0 11/19/2021

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Version 72.0 continues our effort to stabilize the system and implement production permanent fixes. It also comes with a feature that has been expected for a long time: Loan-Out Digital Start Work. 

New Features
Loan-Out Digital Start Work. Integrated Loan Out start work in the application, allowing employees to create a Loan Out Start Packet if they operate through a Corporation or LLC filing as a Corporation.

This is a limited release. The feature will be in “beta” with one client, and will be improved with the next release.

Payroll Updates
Export option added to the Positions by Contract page. Added the ability to export the list of positions by contract. This will facilitate position mapping with our onboarding partner Circus.

New columns were added to the Positions by Contract page.  Added Department ID, Position ID, and Position Status. This will allow the operation staff to create reports without support from the Dev team.

Added "Created Date" column to Timecards Grid. Following user feedback, a new column has been added to the Timecard Grid to help track newly submitted timecards.

Updated the Vendor 1099 PDF documents to this year’s version. In order to complete this year’s 1099 Non Employee Compensation (1099-NEC) and 1099 Miscellaneous Information (1099-MISC) both PDFs have been updated in the ‘Print 1099’ section. 

Migrated a new Check Stock for CAN client to GSW. The Canadian Client: “Novus Ordo Seclorum Shooting Group Inc” required a new Check Stock with one signature. The Check Stock is: CK11_CA1 and is now available in the Bank Accounts form. 

Accounting Reports: Added a  new column to capture report runtime. This new column is available in the Accounting Reports monitor and will help us troubleshoot when reports are taking a long time to generate. 

Fixed a bug causing Paper Vendors when trying to manually add an employee as a Vendor. Previously when adding an employee as a Vendor by typing an existing Last Name there was an error with Tax ID and a Paper Vendor was automatically created. 

Fixed problem causing Paper Vendors created with blank spaces in their codes. These Vendors were causing errors when edited because of the blank spaces.

Included all the Associated Transactions in the Purchase Order PDF. Now in the Associated Transaction grid in the PDF we include any transactions associated with reissued lines.    

Approval Flow: When copying an Approval Flow, the behavior is now dynamic.When copying approval flows, if the active approval flow is empty, then it will populate the copy into the current approval flow. If the active approval flow is populated, then it will create a new approval flow to copy into, instead of overwriting the current one. 

Year on system emails are now dynamic. The year shown next the GreenSlate copyright were static and showing the year 2020. We’ve since changed it to a dynamic variable that will reflect the current year. 

Front End: Cleanup of cross-browser scrollbar styling. There were inconsistencies with how scrollbars were showing on different browsers and operating systems. We’ve standardized the convention of scrollbars across browsers so the UI will be more consistent, with the exception of Firefox due to technical limitations of the browser. 

Front End: Reduced the subtitle font size. After the adjustment of subtitles sharing the same row as page title, and removing subtitles from various headers that didn’t need it, this is a further improvement of the title + subtitle UI, by reducing font size of subtitles, to be inline with our design patterns. 


JSON Serialization Optimizations: Custom Form Preview and Distribution Changes. The encoding used to send information from the browser to the server was changed to be in JSON format, which is simpler for the server to parse, and improves the response time. In this release we are applying this change to Custom Form Previews and DistributionChanges. At this moment, this feature is turned off  to all users. A roll-out plan will be put in place to turn this on for users gradually.