Deployment v71.0 10/29/2021

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Version 71.0 is full with bug fixes and permanent fix tickets, in an effort to continue stabilizing the system. We’re also continuing with optimizations to improve site speed and user experience.


New Features

  • Added logging to the ‘Copy to Core’ functionality. This enhancement now allows us to better troubleshoot issues that happen during the “Copy to Core” process.

Payroll Updates

  • The ‘Status’ column is now visible by default on the ‘All batches’ page. This small enhancement now allows us to retire the “Project Batches” page.

  • For Canadian Payroll projects, the Rest Violation amount on the Digital Timecard is now mapped to the Turnaround FLT item on the Timesheet. This penalty used to be mapped to the Force Call timesheet item. It remained so for U.S. projects.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Timecards to be submitted using a Start Form that was only saved as a draft. “Copy to Core” is now considering only fully approved Start Forms.

  • The PDF Timecard now simply reads “Time Card [TC ID #] [Status]” rather than “Crew Timecard. This small change was designed to prevent issues with Cast members.

  • Timecard Users will now see an error when the Primary Work Location they selected is not in use. This validation is only implemented on the Grossing Timecard. If a user selects “Atlanta” on a timecard Day or Other Earning, and “Los Angeles” in the Primary Work Location, they are now not able to save the document. Previously, Timecards like these would be saved and require a split to be batched.

  • The Custom Form ‘Address Block’ now includes the City, State, and Zip. The full format of the address block now reads as: “Street Address 1, Street Address 2, City, State Zip”.


  • A new filter was added to the Payroll Report, to run it by State. This was highly requested by the reporting team.

  • Batch ID and Batch Name were added to the P&W Output report.

  • Pensionable Hours column added to the P&W Output Report.


  • Removed the ‘Additional Address’ text printing on PDFs. All transaction PDFs have been corrected to  display only the additional address, without the  ‘additional address’ text that was printed before. 


  • Added the transaction’s header Account to the ‘Add Bills’ modal. The ‘Add Bills’ modal now shows the header’s Account in the ‘Account’ column instead of the first detail line’s Account. 

  • Tax Credit can now be applied to multiple rows with Bulk Edit.

To do this, open a grid that has Tax Credit codes, and click on the blue edit button in the top right of the grid.

  • Removed $0 detail lines that were automatically created in Petty Cash. Two $0 Advance detail lines are no longer created automatically in the Petty Cash form when deleting the Advance Amount. 


  • Multicurrency Bank Rec Behavior. Add "Account Currency" to the InfoBar and populate it with the Currency selected in the Bank Account form for the respective account.

  • Description can now be edited in the grid for Petty Cash and PCard Envelopes. Users can now edit the Description for Petty Cash and PCard Envelope transactions in status approved and posted.  


  • Removed bug causing ‘This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it’ error message when viewing a PDF. The use of special characters such as & or ‘ in the vendor information were causing problems when viewing the transaction’s PDF. 


  • Removed line detail  limitation when importing a Cost Report

Cost Reports can now be imported without the fear of having the import limited at 200 lines. 

  • Bank Accounts - Users can now associate to any account type. 

Previously the association was limited to only BA, DP, and CK account types. 

  • Improved error message when users try to Commit a Purchase Order with an unapproved Vendor. If a user tries to Commit a PO that was submitted with an unapproved Vendor, they will get a clear error message explaining that the PO can’t be Committed until the associated Vendor is fully approved. 

Client Solutions

  • Reformatting now PDF generates multiple signatures. Previously PDFs that were generated with three or more signatures would be misaligned and broken off. Now the layout for multiple signatures are cleaner and intact. 


  • Approval flows ‘Apply Signature’ bug in PDFs. We fixed a bug that was causing approval flows that had the ‘Apply Signature’ setting turned off while still loading the signatures on PDFs. Now the PDFs are loading signatures as configured in the approval flow step settings. 


  • The size of the Download + Delete icons for File Uploader have been increased. Based on feedback from users that the desktop icons for Download and Delete actions were too small, we’ve increased the size so it is easier to see and access. 

  • Updated UI for Accounting Report filters. Whenever filters were loaded in accounting reports, the UI was creating too much vertical scrolling, and we’ve found a way to reduce the vertical height, but adjusting the radio buttons to be horizontal. 



JSON Serialization Optimizations: Petty Cash, PCard Envelopes and W4s. The encoding used to send information from the browser to the server was changed to be in JSON format, which is simpler for the server to parse, and improves the response time. In this release we are applying this change to Petty Cash, PCard Envelopes and W4s. At this moment, this feature is turned off  to all users. A roll-out plan will be put in place to turn this on for users gradually.