Deployment v70.0 10/07/2021

Payroll Updates
Removed Start Form IDs from Notifications. Notifications for Start Form approval flow steps now read as “[Full Name]'s [abbreviated position name] Start Form is awaiting your approval”.

Added a Project Setting to auto-populate the fringe account code on the Digital Start Form. This project setting allows GreenSlate admins to specify a code for the project. This code is used in combination with the labor account code to auto-populate the fringe account field on the Start Form.

Exempt employees can now submit In/Wrap/Meal hours if their union contract allows it. For instance, DGA Assistant Directors can now both be treated as weekly overtime exempt employees and submit daily hours.

The Direct Deposit Plaid Integration Link token has been updated. This is an improvement that provides better error validation, more advanced security, and enables Link event logs to be surfaced in the Plaid Dashboard.

The TImecard PDF now allows for up to 7 signatures. This change is designed to support some of the most complex approval flows.

Preview Reports Package and Final Reports Package naming convention has changed. This change will make it so that the names inside and outside of the report packages can have the same format and bring more clarity.

Option to run for all projects added to the Payroll Report. A new option was added to the Payroll Report, that now allows the users to run for ALL available projects. This is still linked to permissions and will add all Projects that the user has access to.

PO’s multi-currency behaviour is now consistent with the rest of the app. PO grid now displays in Base Currency. PO form and PDF displays in original currency.

Accounts dropdowns are now in numerical order. The dropdowns order is now numerical in all dropdowns (forms and grids).

Codes are now sorted in alphanumerical order in Manage Codes.

“Auto Generate” is now checked by default in PCard Envelopes. In order to follow the common behavior for transaction forms, the”Auto Generate” checkbox for Envelope # is now checked by default.

New Cost Reporting Alerts have been created. The new alerts will warn the users if there are any duplicate codes. These alerts will also prevent the user from editing until the duplicate codes are corrected. Ex. of a notification:
“Location 01 is duplicate. Please contact Support.”

“Close PO Detail Line” action added to GSW. This action will show under Open and Partial PO detail lines. If used it will turn the Open balance to $0 and change the line to the "Closed" status.

Automatic offset line was deleted for all transactions and instead added a “Difference” indicator. A new indicator with the Difference between the Total Amount and the Details Amount was added at the bottom right corner of the Details grid for all accounting transactions, users will no longer need to delete automatic offset lines created by the system.

Bill Payments now allow duplicate payment numbers as long as the payment methods are different.

“Default Payment Type” and “CASHétPay” are new columns in the Vendor Grid. The "Default Payment Type" column was also added to the Bill Payments form, in the Bills panel.

Post Payroll - Descriptions have been corrected to show the correct WE date. Previously just one WE date was being applied to all transactions generated after Posting Payroll, rather than the correct one for each one.

Validation added if users try to post a transaction with an unapproved Vendor. An error message was added when users try to post a transaction associated with an unapproved Vendor, explaining the users the error and asking them to review the Vendor.

Client Solutions
Loan Out Ids were added to the Netflix API. Loan Out Ids are now included as part of the Netflix API projectEmployee and batch details endpoints.

Date format corrected in VICE flat file. The date format on the flat file has been changed from “DD/MM/YYYY” to “MM/DD/YYYY”

File Transfers for Paramount were updated. Several new rules were implemented for Paramount file transfers.

"All" was added as an option on the "Project" dropdown list, in the Payroll Report page.

Start Work Forms page user interface enhancements. Optimization of padding and sizing on various components on the Start Work form page, for desktop, tablet and mobile environments.

Chart of Accounts page user interface enhancements. Optimization of padding and sizing on various components on the Chart of Accounts page, for desktop, tablet and mobile environments

Bill Payments page user interface enhancements. Optimization of padding and sizing on various components on the Bill Payments page, for desktop, tablet and mobile environments.

JSON Serialization Optimizations: JE, Bills, Bill Payments & POs. The encoding used to send information from the browser to the server was changed to be in JSON format, which is simpler for the server to parse, and improves the response time. In this release we are applying this change to Journal Entries, Bills, Bill Payments and Purchase Orders operations. At this moment, this feature is turned off to all users. A roll-out plan will be put in place to turn this on for users gradually.