Deployment v69.0 09/13/2021

New Features

  • PTO Tracking. The ability to track users’ paid time off has been added to the system. This will allow tracking vacations, sick time and bereavement as the primary PTO types. 


Several grids have been added for this, in order to see different types of information like balances and history per employee, or at a company level.


Clients will be able to create their own policies.


  • Approval Flow Reject-To. Approvers can now choose an approval step they would like to 'Reject To'. Whenever a document is rejected, the user can choose how far back they would like to kick the approval flow.

  • Added Division and conditional approval flows to Bill Payments: Users can now designate Divisions for Bill Payments, and have conditional approval flow steps based on user’s Divisions.

Payroll Updates

  • Added the ability to apply fringe account codes to timesheet lines via API. As a result, fringe account codes now show on timecards created via API.


  • Timecards that a user does not have access to no longer show in the “Copy From” dropdown list. Division access rules are now properly applied to the “Copy From” dropdown menu. If a user cannot see a timecard in the Timecards grid, they are also not able to see it in the dropdown menu.


  • Added more detail to the Digital Timecard Totals Panel. The Totals Panel has been revamped to show grossing data with greater detail. Descriptions are clearer, distinct day types show on unique rows, similar day types are combined, penalties are now displayed, Rate and Hours/Units columns display more accurate information.



  • Added a Rest Violation hours to the Digital Timecard. The PDF Timecard shows the total Rest Violation Hours in the Totals Panel.
    Internal note only: the rest violation hours column will be added to the grossing panel of the PDF timecard once the required technical debt to make this possible has been addressed.


  • Added four additional Approval Flows to Custom Forms.


  • State W4 for Wisconsin has been updated. 



  • Added new "Payment Methods" CGV to filter Payment Method and CASHétPay, on the Vendors grid. ‘Default Payment Method’ and ‘CASHétPay Enabled’ columns were added to a new Custom Grid View in the Vendors grid to easily scan which is the preferred payment method for each Vendor and also to know if a Vendor has CASHétPay enabled. 


  • PO PDF is now automatically sent to the vendor upon full PO approval. 


  • Default level for adding new accounts has been corrected to always default on: ‘Detail’. To reduce errors, the default account level is now ‘Detail’ . If necessary, users can edit the account and change it to ‘Header’, if no transactions have been associated with the account.


  • Approval Flow Steps: Approval Flow column now links to respective project approval flow. Users can now access a specific approval flow directly from the Approval Flow column by clicking on any step link. 



  • Added Divisions columns to the Project Users grid. Two new columns were added: ‘Division Member’ and ‘Division Admin’.  These columns will list all the divisions where the user is a member or an admin, respectively.




  • Timecard Dapper Rewrite. The DataBase queries used in the DTC approval process were migrated to Dapper, which is more efficient and maintainable, decreasing the time it takes to approve a Timecard in up to 50%


  • JSON Serialization: DTC. When the web site sends data to be processed it needs to be encoded in a certain format that can be understood by the server. By changing this encoding to a JSON format, the server is now  able to deserialize it faster, decreasing response time.

General Improvements

  • Custom Forms. PDFs can now be batch downloaded  to My Downloads.


  • Changed the Project Dropdown to show Project Name before Company Name.


  • Approval Flow / Email Notifications: Always send rejection notifications in non-timecard features. We’ve added more granularity to Email Settings, now approvers can configure to receive notifications for only rejection notifications without having to receive all other notifications. 


  • Invite Users. ‘Delete invite’ action is now always shown, as long as the invite has not  been accepted by the user.