Deployment v68.0 08/22/2021

New Features

  • Multi-factor Authentication. Improving the security of the GreenSlate app, users will be required to enter a one-time passcode when signing in from a new device. This passcode will be delivered via email or SMS.

Although this feature is now available, it will be off for all users. We will be rolling it out gradually starting in September 2021.


Payroll Updates


  • The “Regenerate PDF" option is now available when a Start Form is completed, even if the Start Form PDF doesn’t exist yet.

  • 2 new Meal penalty types have been added to the HTG meal penalty options. These penalties’ amounts are based on the employee’s scale rate and pay rate.

  • The Loan Out PDF form is now showing on the Loan Out tab of the Start Work page, instead of the employee tab.

  • The user ID and time is now recorded when a timecard is deleted. This information is stored in the database (tbltimesheet).

  • State W4 updates have been completed. The state withholding forms for New Mexico, Missouri, Mississippi, Minnesota, Puerto Rico and South Carolina have been updated to reflect the state requirements correctly.


    • Left Right Weekly 401k report termination date bug has been fixed.


    • Relabeled "Cashet Pay" to "CASHétPay" in Bank Acct form. This change allows us to adhere to the correct naming convention.

    UI and Usability

    • Added the “show password” button to the login screen. User experience enhancement to fit in line with general standards, with the goal to help users input their password correctly in fewer attempts.


    • The icons and statuses for Approval Flows have been updated. We’ve updated the approval flow icons in the application to be more consistent and informative. 


    • The “Add Item” button has been added to the details grid footer. Adjusted the ‘Add Item’ button to be centered to the details grid, instead of aligned to the left. 



    The General Ledger has been optimized. From the user's perspective everything is the same, but under the hood it's much more efficient and there will no longer be inconsistencies and columns out of sync.