Deployment v67.0 07/24/2021

Payroll Updates

  • The Hours table of Digital Timecard PDFs has been enhanced. All days now appear on the hours table whether they are worked or unworked. Total hours worked for the week now show in the bottom right corner of the hours table.


  • New Corporate Reports  shows Company Codes & Location Codes for Projects Reports 716 & 717 have been added to GSA.  In these reports users can see company Code, Company Code Description, Location Code and Location Code Description. This helps reduce running more than one report for this information.

  • Royal Bank of Canada Positive Pay File can now be enabled. Once a Bill Payment is submitted and approved, the Positive Pay file can be downloaded. The file can also be transmitted to the Bank, after coordinating the initial setup with Greenslate and RBC.

  • The Production Dashboard has been updated so the grid row details are live links


UI and Usability:

  • Vendors and Customers

Adjusted input field widths in 'Contacts' panel to reduce vertical scroll

  • Login modal 

Adjusted padding to accommodate for error validation text


  • Approval Flow history modal

Updated the font size and padding to be more inline with our design system conventions.



  • Front End: Optimize padding / spacing in Start Form

Adjusted padding in Startforms to optimize vertical space

  • Notes + Comments Panels

Aligned the text box and button to be on the same line to reduce vertical space. 

  • File Uploader panel

Reduced padding to optimize vertical space

  • Timecards

Reduced padding to optimize vertical space

  • Headers

Standardized the header titles to show identifiers as subtext

Other Changes:
  • Added legalize to e-Signature page and modal This is a simple text that was added on the e-Signature page and modal. It clarifies the implications of the user’s electronic signature with GreenSlate.